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Black & White Pokémon: Wild Held Items | The items Pokémon hold in the wild

In Pokémon Black and White, as in most games, some wild Pokémon have a chance of holding an item. This page lists them. In this game, rare items have a 5% chance of being held by the Pokémon species listed, common items have a 50% chance. If the same item shows up in both columns, the chances are combined. Items can be obtained by using the moves Thief or Covet or by catching the Pokémon. Certain abilities can increase the chance of the wild Pokémon holding an item.

PokemonAlways heldCommonly heldRarely held
Beedrill------Poison Barb
Rattata------Chilan Berry
Raticate------Chilan Berry
Fearow------Sharp Beak
Pikachu---Oran Berry---
Raichu---Oran Berry---
Sandshrew------Quick Claw
Sandslash------Quick Claw
Clefairy---Moon StoneLeppa Berry
Clefable---Moon StoneLeppa Berry
Vulpix------Rawst Berry
Ninetales------Rawst Berry
Paras---Big MushroomTinymushroom
Parasect---Big MushroomTinymushroom
Venomoth------Shed Shell
Diglett------Soft Sand
Dugtrio------Soft Sand
Meowth------Quick Claw
Persian------Quick Claw
Mankey------Payapa Berry
Primeape------Payapa Berry
Growlithe------Rawst Berry
Arcanine------Rawst Berry
Poliwhirl------Kings Rock
Poliwrath------Kings Rock
Tentacool------Poison Barb
Tentacruel------Poison Barb
Ponyta------Shuca Berry
Rapidash------Shuca Berry
Slowpoke------Lagging Tail
Slowbro------Kings Rock
Magnemite------Metal Coat
Magneton------Metal Coat
Doduo------Sharp Beak
Dodrio------Sharp Beak
Shellder---PearlBig Pearl
Cloyster---PearlBig Pearl
Cubone------Thick Club
Marowak------Thick Club
Lickitung------Lagging Tail
Koffing------Smoke Ball
Weezing------Smoke Ball
Chansey---Lucky PunchLucky Egg
Horsea------Dragon Scale
Seadra------Dragon Scale
Staryu---StardustStar Piece
Starmie---StardustStar Piece
Mr. Mime------Leppa Berry
JynxAspear Berry------
Ditto---Quick PowderMetal Powder
Dratini------Dragon Scale
Dragonair------Dragon Scale
Dragonite------Dragon Scale
MewLum Berry------
Sentret------Oran Berry
Furret---Oran BerrySitrus Berry
Pichu---Oran Berry---
Cleffa---Moon StoneLeppa Berry
Politoed------Kings Rock
Sunkern------Coba Berry
Yanma------Wide Lens
Slowking------Kings Rock
Girafarig------Persim Berry
Steelix------Metal Coat
Qwilfish------Poison Barb
ShuckleBerry Juice------
Sneasel---Grip ClawQuick Claw
Corsola------Hard Stone
Kingdra------Dragon Scale
Phanpy------Passho Berry
Donphan------Passho Berry
SmoochumAspear Berry------
MiltankMoo-Moo Milk------
BlisseyLucky Egg------
Ho-ohSacred Ash------
CelebiLum Berry------
Poochyena------Pecha Berry
Mightyena------Pecha Berry
Zigzagoon------Oran Berry
Linoone---Oran BerrySitrus Berry
Beautifly------Shed Shell
Dustox------Shed Shell
Taillow------Charti Berry
Swellow------Charti Berry
Shroomish------Kebia Berry
Breloom------Kebia Berry
Whismur------Chesto Berry
Loudred------Chesto Berry
Exploud------Chesto Berry
Hariyama------Kings Rock
Nosepass------Hard Stone
Skitty------Leppa Berry
Delcatty------Leppa Berry
Mawile------Occa Berry
Aron------Hard Stone
Lairon------Hard Stone
Aggron------Hard Stone
Roselia------Poison Barb
Gulpin------Big Pearl
Swalot------Big Pearl
NumelRawst Berry------
CameruptRawst Berry------
Spoink------Tanga Berry
Grumpig------Tanga Berry
Spinda------Chesto Berry
Trapinch------Soft Sand
Cacnea------Sticky Barb
Cacturne------Sticky Barb
Zangoose------Quick Claw
Lunatone------Moon Stone
Solrock------Sun Stone
Lileep------Big Root
Cradily------Big Root
CastformMystic Water------
Kecleon------Persim Berry
Shuppet------Spell Tag
Banette------Spell Tag
Duskull------Kasib Berry
Dusclops------Kasib Berry
Chimecho------Colbur Berry
Snorunt------Babiri Berry
Glalie------Babiri Berry
Clamperl------Big Pearl
Luvdisc---Heart Scale---
Bagon------Dragon Fang
Shelgon------Dragon Fang
Salamence------Dragon Fang
Beldum------Metal Coat
Metang------Metal Coat
Metagross------Metal Coat
JirachiStar Piece------
Starly------Yache Berry
Staravia------Yache Berry
Staraptor------Yache Berry
Bibarel---Oran BerrySitrus Berry
Budew------Poison Barb
Roserade------Poison Barb
Vespiquen------Poison Barb
Buizel------Wacan Berry
Floatzel------Wacan Berry
Cherubi------Miracle Seed
Cherrim------Miracle Seed
Buneary------Chople Berry
Lopunny------Chople Berry
Glameow------Chesto Berry
Purugly------Chesto Berry
Chingling------Colbur Berry
Stunky------Pecha Berry
Skuntank------Pecha Berry
Bronzor------Metal Coat
Bronzong------Metal Coat
Mime. Jr------Leppa Berry
Happiny---Oval StoneLucky Egg
Gible------Haban Berry
Gabite------Haban Berry
Garchomp------Haban Berry
Skorupi------Poison Barb
Drapion------Poison Barb
Croagunk------Black Sludge
Toxicroak------Black Sludge
Finneon------Rindo Berry
Lumineon------Rindo Berry
Weavile---Grip ClawQuick Claw
Magnezone------Metal Coat
Lickilicky------Lagging Tail
Yanmega------Wide Lens
Probopass------Hard Stone
Dusknoir------Kasib Berry
Froslass------Babiri Berry
Shaymin------Lum Berry
Pansage---Oran BerryOcca Berry
Simisage---Oran BerryOcca Berry
Pansear---Oran BerryPassho Berry
Simisear---Oran BerryPassho Berry
Panpour---Oran BerryRindo Berry
Simipour---Oran BerryRindo Berry
Blitzle---Cheri Berry---
Zebstrika---Cheri Berry---
Roggenrola---EverstoneHard Stone
Boldore---EverstoneHard Stone
Gigalith---EverstoneHard Stone
Audino---Oran BerrySitrus Berry
Tympole---Persim Berry---
Palpitoad---Persim Berry---
Seismitoad---Persim Berry---
Throh------Black Belt
Sawk------Black Belt
Sewaddle------Mental Herb
Swadloon------Mental Herb
Leavanny------Mental Herb
Venipede---Pecha BerryPoison Barb
Whirlipede---Pecha BerryPoison Barb
Scolipede---Pecha BerryPoison Barb
Darumaka---Rawst Berry---
Darmanitan---Rawst Berry---
Maractus------Miracle Seed
Dwebble------Hard Stone
Crustle------Hard Stone
Scraggy------Shed Shell
Scrafty------Shed Shell
Yamask------Spell Tag
Cofagrigus------Spell Tag
Trubbish------Black Sludge
Garbodor---Black SludgeNugget
Minccino---Cheri Berry---
Cinccino---Cheri Berry---
EmolgaCheri Berry------
Foongus---TinymushroomBig Mushroom
Amoonguss---TinymushroomBig Mushroom
Ferroseed------Sticky Barb
Ferrothorn------Sticky Barb
Cubchoo---Aspear Berry---
Beartic---Aspear Berry---
Stunfisk------Soft Sand
Druddigon------Dragon Fang
Golett------Light Clay
Golurk------Light Clay
MeloettaStar Piece------

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Shinymudkip on Tue 18 Jan 2011 23:06:37 UTC.
Some items are useless like lagging tail, star piece, and honey. Some items are useful like lucky egg and wide lens.
torterra_king on Sat 22 Jan 2011 03:02:47 UTC.
Utack and Swampy on Tue 15 Mar 2011 17:12:09 UTC.
They're not useless, they just have specific uses. Lagging tail is a good item to use trick with, switching it with your opponent's item. You get their item, and they get an item that makes the slow. Star pieces are good to sell for money, and Honey is used like sweet-scent to lure out wild Pokemon to you.