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In Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, as in most games, some wild Pokémon have a chance of holding an item. This page lists them. In this game, rare items have a 5% chance of being held by the Pokémon species listed, common items have a 50% chance. If the same item shows up in both columns, the chances are combined. If an item is listed as always being held, with others being held commonly or rarely, the latter may still show up and are checked first. Items can be obtained by using the moves Thief or Covet or by catching the Pokémon. Certain abilities can increase the chance of the wild Pokémon holding an item.

PokemonAlways heldCommonly heldRarely held
Beedrill------Poison Barb
Raticate---Oran BerrySitrus Berry
Fearow------Sharp Beak
Arbok------Poison Barb
Sandslash------Soft Sand
Clefairy------Moon Stone
Clefable------Moon Stone
Jigglypuff------Oran Berry
Wigglytuff------Oran Berry
Paras---Big MushroomTinymushroom
Parasect---Big MushroomTinymushroom
Growlithe------Rawst Berry
Arcanine------Rawst Berry
Machoke------Focus Band
Machamp------Focus Band
Bellsprout------Green Shard
Dodrio------Sharp Beak
Seel------Aspear Berry
Dewgong---NevermelticeAspear Berry
Shellder---Big PearlPearl
Cloyster---Big PearlPearl
Haunter------Spell Tag
Gengar------Spell Tag
Onix------Hard Stone
Cubone------Thick Club
Marowak------Thick Club
Chansey------Lucky Egg
Staryu---Star PieceStardust
Starmie---Star PieceStardust
Ditto------Metal Powder
Snorlax------Chesto Berry
Dragonair------Dragon Scale
Dragonite------Dragon Scale
Chikorita------Liechi Berry
Sentret------Oran Berry
Furret------Oran Berry
Chinchou------Yellow Shard
Lanturn------Yellow Shard
Cleffa------Moon Stone
Igglybuff------Oran Berry
Politoed------Kings Rock
Slowking------Kings Rock
Misdreavus------Spell Tag
Girafarig------Persim Berry
Steelix------Metal Coat
Teddiursa---Sitrus BerryOran Berry
Ursaring---Sitrus BerryOran Berry
Swinub------Aspear Berry
Piloswine---NevermelticeAspear Berry
Corsola------Yellow Shard
Skarmory------Sharp Beak
Kingdra------Dragon Scale
Miltank------Moo-Moo Milk
Blissey------Lucky Egg
Celebi------Lum Berry
Poochyena------Pecha Berry
Mightyena------Pecha Berry
Zigzagoon------Oran Berry
Linoone---Sitrus BerryOran Berry
Whismur------Chesto Berry
Loudred------Chesto Berry
Exploud------Chesto Berry
Skitty------Leppa Berry
Aron------Hard Stone
Lairon------Hard Stone
Aggron------Hard Stone
Roselia------Poison Barb
Gulpin------Big Pearl
Swalot------Big Pearl
Numel------Rawst Berry
Camerupt------Rawst Berry
Spinda------Chesto Berry
Trapinch------Soft Sand
Cacnea------Poison Barb
Cacturne------Poison Barb
Lunatone------Moon Stone
Solrock------Sun Stone
Castform------Mystic Water
Kecleon------Persim Berry
Shuppet------Spell Tag
Banette------Spell Tag
Duskull------Spell Tag
Dusclops------Spell Tag
Clamperl------Blue Shard
Luvdisc------Heart Scale
Bagon------Dragon Scale
Shelgon------Dragon Scale
Salamence------Dragon Scale
Beldum------Metal Coat
Metang------Metal Coat
Metagross------Metal Coat
Jirachi------Star Piece

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