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The amazing thing about the new Dream World is that Nintendo now have the opportunity to give out more event Pokémon at a greater degree of frequency.

So far they have been heavily utilising this feature with plenty of special Pokémon seeing a Dream World only release for Japanese gamers. Whenever new Pokémon are released in Dream World check in on this page for how and when to get them.

Labyrinth Eeveelutions

In Japan a game entitled Pokémon Labyrinth was released prior to Pokémon Black and White. Upon completion of this the player had the chance to choose only one of these special Eeveelutions which were then available to the player in Dream World when they synchronised their game with the Labyrinth account.

For the rest of us you need to play a nice Breakout style game available here. The eeveelution you get is dependant on the power-ups you pick up e.g. if you pick up more electric power-ups you are offered a Jolteon. You can only get one eeveelution but have multiple attempts before you click confirm.







Lv. 10
Quick Feet
Lv. 10
Lv. 10
Magic Bounce
Lv. 10
Inner Focus
Lv. 10
Lv. 10
Ice Body
Lv. 10
Japan: 31st July 2010 – 31st August 2010
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Kanto Starters

These starters were downloadable using a code distributed in the back of the Pokémon Peer book.



Lv. 10
Solar Power
Lv. 10
Rain Dish
Lv. 10
Japan: 10st September - present
Europe: ?
USA: ?

CoroCoro Croagunk

A one-time use code was given out in the November issue of CoroCoro for a Croagunk with a unique ability

Poison Touch
Lv. 10
Japan: 20th October 2010 – 19th November 2010
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Sinnoh Starters

These starters were downloadable using a code distributed in the new Black & White TCG Starter Kits.



Shell Armor
Lv. 10
Iron Fist
Lv. 10
Lv. 10
Japan: 29th October - present
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Hoenn Starters

These starters were downloadable using a code distributed in the Black & White guide.



Lv. 10
Speed Boost
Lv. 10
Lv. 10
Japan: 20th November - present
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Popularity Poll Arceus

Nintendo hosted a poll to see what the next Pokémon released through Dream World should be... needless to say Arceus won which was given away with it’s original ability.

Lv. 100
Japan: 5th November 2010 – 31st January 2011
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Happy Birthday Togekiss

If you are synched up with the Daisuki Club and Global Link you can receive a special Togekiss on your birthday. Bear in mind the Daisuki Club is Japanese exclusive so we need to wait and see if and when the rest of world can receive one of these.

Super Luck
Lv. 10
Japan: 1st December 2010 - Present
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Fan Magazine Mamoswine

A code was given away in the December issue of the Japanese Pokémon Fan magazine to get this Mamoswine. It is unlikely this will be distributed outside of Japan.

Thick Fat
Lv. 34
Japan: 20th December 2010 – 20th April 2011
Europe: ?
USA: ?

Page written by Mulholland.

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Victini on Tue 22 Mar 2011 22:39:34 EDT.
wow japan hates us...
LanceWest1 on Thu 07 Apr 2011 08:19:18 EDT.
yeah, we get nothing
Richard and Blaziken on Tue 03 May 2011 21:12:14 EDT.
Calm down guys, we haven't had B/W for long enough, they'll get to us @_@
Musica on Thu 09 Jun 2011 23:22:19 EDT.
I hope they'll get it to us, I'm not even halfway done with the pokedex and every piece helps. :/


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