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Black 2 and White 2 Pokémon: Interactable Pokémon | You catch them by sending them friend requests

As with any game, certain Pokémon in Unova can be found at pre-determined times rather than randomly in the wild.

#572 Minccino

When you first reach Route 5 (Unova) Bianca will introduce you to Hidden Grottos. Inside you'll find a Minccino with the Skill Link ability.

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 20
Skill Link

#510 Liepard

After you have captured the Minccino from inside the Hidden Grotto, upon returning there you may find a Liepard with the Prankster ability.

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 25

#558 Crustle

There's a Crustle blocking the eastern exit of Seaside Cave. Using the Colress MCHN on it will wake it up.

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 42

#590 Foongus

Just as in Black and White, there's a load of pesky Foongus on Route 6 (Unova) and Route 7 (Unova) pretending to be Pokéballs..

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 29

#593 Jellicent

Undella Bay is home to a Jellicent, but there are some differences as to what you'll find between the two games. In Black 2 a Male Jellicent will appear there on Mondays, but in White 2 a Female Jellicent will appear there on Thursdays. Both have the Damp ability.

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 40

#612 Haxorus

Once you have seen all Pokémon in the Unova Dex, Professor Juniper will present you with a License, allowing you to travel to the Nature Preserve. Hidden in a clearing there you will find a Shiny Haxorus.

Pokémon Attacks

Lv. 60

#628 Braviary (White 2 Only)

On Thursdays a Braviary with the Defiant ability will appear on Route 4 (Unova).

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 25

#630 Mandibuzz (Black 2 Only)

On Thursdays a Mandibuzz with the Weak Armor ability will appear on Route 4 (Unova).

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 25
Weak Armor

#637 Volcarona

Although the Relic Castle seems to have completely caved in, it is still possible to access it via a cave at the Pokemon World Tournament. Inside you will once again find a Volcarona. It is very low levelled, but if you defeat it it will reappear at a much stronger level in the same place after you have beaten the Elite Four.

Pokémon Attacks


Lv. 35


Lv. 65

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