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In Typhlosion's opinion, the best games ever created.

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Written by Iceduck, with a foreword by the North American National Rifle Association.
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Sentret questions

where do u find sneasel in gold version please!!!!!!!
Sentret thinks like in Mt Silver maybe at night out there?
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Yo Sentret, I've been told that shiny Pokemon are slightly more common in the Crystal Version than any of the other games - is this true?
Uhh Sentret doesn't think so no it's weird who said that :(:(:(:(:(:(:(
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Sentret, what does that lady in the Goldenrod City Pokemon Center give you when you give her an Eon mail? I don't have anyone to Mystery Gift with to get one and no where I look has the answer...
Sentret has heard it's like giving like a Revive thingy?
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sentret how do you get the silver wing in pokemon gold ps if you tell me ill give you a big hug
Sentret like thinks you just need to get to the right place in the game and play far far far far further on!
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where do you get mew in pokemon silver
Sentret likes thinks like maybe like not directly there maybe?
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