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Abandoned Ship (54780 views)
Big Item List (15015 views)
Boxes (17088 views)
Different Pokéballs (35137 views)
English Screens from IGN
First English screens (12211 views)
First Ever Commerical (15882 views)
Frequently Asked Questions (17950 views)
Gym Leader Rewards (27535 views)
Gyms (17736 views)
Hidden Messages (Braile) (16351 views)
High quality screen shots
Information (15176 views)
Jirachi and Deoxys (93189 views)
Meteor Falls (25756 views)
Mt Pyre (17173 views)
Nintendo DVD Revelations (11364 views)
Other stuff from CoroCoro (15061 views)
Personalities (9785 views)
Secret Base Items (18097 views)
Special Evolutions (38723 views)
Status Effects (6566 views)
The Battle Tower (18606 views)
The Trainer Eye (13436 views)
The Trainer Stars (21542 views)
Trick House Guide (95072 views)
Two Secret Islands (86856 views)
Two useful abilities (13964 views)
Victory Road (16147 views)
Who's the best? (17950 views)