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Abandoned Ship (54154 views)
Big Item List (14778 views)
Boxes (16892 views)
Different Pokéballs (33370 views)
English Screens from IGN
First English screens (11952 views)
First Ever Commerical (15676 views)
Frequently Asked Questions (17715 views)
Gym Leader Rewards (26480 views)
Gyms (17533 views)
Hidden Messages (Braile) (16165 views)
High quality screen shots
Information (14955 views)
Jirachi and Deoxys (92804 views)
Meteor Falls (25459 views)
Mt Pyre (16921 views)
Nintendo DVD Revelations (11190 views)
Other stuff from CoroCoro (14854 views)
Personalities (9576 views)
Secret Base Items (17808 views)
Special Evolutions (37859 views)
Status Effects (6318 views)
The Battle Tower (18189 views)
The Trainer Eye (13167 views)
The Trainer Stars (21314 views)
Trick House Guide (91117 views)
Two Secret Islands (85813 views)
Two useful abilities (13763 views)
Victory Road (15499 views)
Who's the best? (17741 views)