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Here we have the latest information on the GBA remakes of Red, Blue and Yellow. Who knows, by the time they come out, Bolvia may have lost the title of "worlds largest producer of tin"... what, it still hasn't? Seems like our resident Alakazam is on having issues with its foresight again.

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First Impressions
What PUK staff and contributors thought about the game as soon as they've got past the title screen. Caution: playing near rivers is dangerous.
Iceduck's Impressions (32268 views)
Sevii Islands
Sevii Islands
Island 1: Knot Island (51378 views)
Island 2: Boon Island (30596 views)
Island 8: Navel Rock (82866 views)
Island 3: Kin Island (30284 views)
Island 4: Floe Island (29025 views)
Part 1 Pallet Town, Route 1 (19310 views)
Part 2 Viridian City, Route 22, Route 2, Viridian Forest (10205 views)
Part 3 Pewter City, Route 3 (8779 views)
Part 4 Mt Moon, Route 4 (10846 views)
Part 5 Cerulean City, Nugget Bridge, Route 24, Route 25, Route 5, Route 6 (9735 views)
Part 6 Vermillion City, SS Anne, Vermillion City, Route 11 (9143 views)
Part 7 Route 9, Route 10, Rock Tunnel (8940 views)
Part 8 Lavender Town, Route 8, Route 7, Celadon City, Game Corner (10462 views)
Part 9 Pokémon Tower (12673 views)
Part 10 Saffron City, Silph Co (12813 views)
Part 11 Route 16, Route 17, Route 18, Route 12, Route 13 (9841 views)
Part 12 Route 14, Route 15, Fuchsia City, Safari Zone (11030 views)
Part 13 Route 19, Route 21, Route 20 (15512 views)
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Multi-Generation Content
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Sentret questions

Sentret, Where can you find lots of Rare Candies on Pokemon LeafGreen?
Sentret thinks like mostly just picking up shiny things. Sentret likes that but Sentret is apparently like a bit weird on that.
Read more in Sentret issue 69

Do you need to have a Nati-dex or more to get to the outher 5 islands in fire red
Sentret thinks like yeah thats part of it
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is it possible to get an aurora ticket and mystery ticket on Pokemon Leaf Green without a wireless adapter?
Sentret believe it's like just completely unrelated?
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How do you catch Arcanine on Pokemon LeafGreen?
Sentret thinks it like requires this trading thing?
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how full does my pokedex need to be on fire red before oak gives me the national pokedex
Sentret thinks like very full like maybe 70 of them?!
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