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Find out here all about the new Pokemon RPGs to hit the DS. You should click here right now, or nasty things will happen to you. Probably.

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Step by step guide to completing the fourth generation games.
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English Pokémon Names These ones are official, Nintendo say so (9999 views)
Version Exclusives So, what does your game have? (12277 views)
Spiritomb Get your friends together and get a Pokemon! (27300 views)
Unavailable Pokémon The ones you CAN'T get (16493 views)
Pal Park Get your old Pokemon back (12771 views)
Manaphy So how do you get Manaphy?
Safari Zone Pokémon What can be caught, and how. (22141 views)
The Pal Park Glitch Transfer more than six mon a day! (36457 views)
Swarming Guide to swarming (13967 views)
Breeding Groups Who breeds with whom? (14366 views)
Honey Trees, Honey, and finding Pokemon. Fun! (13213 views)
The Poké Radar and Chaining You want some shinies, huh? (32298 views)
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Evolution Stones List of all the stones which can evolve Pokémon (55263 views)
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Fossil Pokémon Information about the fossilised Pokémon (22450 views)
Sinnoh Dex Locations Obtaining the National Dex (380472 views)
New Abilities List of the new abilities (6682 views)
Regigigas Reginormal (10381 views)
Legendary Capture Guide Although I'm sure they're just myths (12984 views)
Evolution Methods Woo, magic (32297 views)
Pokéballs List of Pokéballs available in-game (16288 views)
New Battle System and Attacks This is probably just to confuse us. (4270 views)
TM's and HM's Items with moves in... go figure (6197 views)
New Attacks Great, more to learn! (6320 views)
EV Training Spots Train like a pro... or a geek... (86491 views)
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Not Opal.
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Multi-Generation Content
Stuff that goes with multiple games, so we've put it in with multiple games.
Battle Stat Changes (18747 views)
Natures List and effects of the natures that crop up from the third generation onwards (17191 views)
Abilities by generation All the abilities, listed by when they were introduced (14495 views)
Sentret questions

I'm playing Pokemon Pearl and want to get a shiny Palkia, but right now I'm in front of it and have a weak party. What I'm wandering is that if you loose to Palkia and re-battle it with a stronger team, could it still be shiny? Or can it only be shiny in the 1st battle with it?
Sentret thinks like always like always you have your chances there yeah
Read more in Sentret issue 73

where do you find arceus in platinum
Sentret thinks like that you like need to have the event itemies first before you really can....
Read more in Sentret issue 71

Hey sent, how do you get to Dialga and Palkia in Pokemon Platinum? Also, HUGZ!
Sentret like thinks you like want to go to where you get them always everywhere like Giratina and things but it's too far away for Sentret anyway.....
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how do i get eevee in pearl? thx
Sentret thinks like catching it is like a good thing to start off with maybe?
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I'm struggling to understand the point to the Sinnoh underground thing. The treasure or sparkling things jump up on the map but I have no idea how to find them. I'm desperate to find some evolution stones, please can you help me.
Sentret thinks like go to them and dig and don't collapse Sentret doesn't want to collapse under them :(:(:(
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