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MOVES: Gravity

Number of Pokémon affected:4

Special move (uses Spec Attack and Spec Defense)

In-game description: Gravity is intensified for five turns, making moves involving flying unusable and negating Levitation.

Move notes:
Immunities from Levitate, Magnet Rise and the flying type are disabled. Fly, Bounce, Jump Kick and Hi Jump Kick cannot be used.

Super Contests

Contest type:Beauty

Contest description: Prevents the Voltage from going up in the same turn.

Contest notes:
Voltage cannot be raised for the remainder of this turn.

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors

4Move Tutor
5Move Tutor

Type effectiveness

Learned by
Clefairy------------343434 or from TM3749 or from TM
Clefable------------From previous evolutionFrom previous evolutionFrom TM---- or from TM
Jigglypuff------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Wigglytuff------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Arceus------------101010 or from TM1010 or from TM
Dusknoir------------StartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
Probopass------------StartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
Happiny------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Chansey------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Igglybuff------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TMBy breedingBy breeding or from TM
Blissey------------By breedingBy breedingFrom TM---- or from TM
Dusclops------------StartStartStart or from TMStartStart or from TM
Jirachi------------454545 or from TM4545 or from TM
Abra----------------From TM---- or from TM
Kadabra----------------From TM---- or from TM
Alakazam----------------From TM---- or from TM
Magnemite----------------From TM---- or from TM
Magneton----------------From TM---- or from TM
Exeggcute----------------From TM---- or from TM
Exeggutor----------------From TM---- or from TM
Staryu----------------From TM---- or from TM
Starmie----------------From TM---- or from TM
Porygon----------------From TM---- or from TM
Mewtwo----------------From TM---- or from TM
Mew----------------From TM---- or from TM
Cleffa----------------From TM---- or from TM
Girafarig----------------From TM---- or from TM
Pineco----------------From TM---- or from TM
Forretress----------------From TM---- or from TM
Porygon2----------------From TM---- or from TM
Stantler----------------From TM---- or from TM
Nosepass----------------From TM---- or from TM
Sableye----------------From TM---- or from TM
Meditite----------------From TM---- or from TM
Medicham----------------From TM---- or from TM
Lunatone----------------From TM---- or from TM
Solrock----------------From TM---- or from TM
Baltoy----------------From TM---- or from TM
Claydol----------------From TM---- or from TM
Duskull----------------From TM---- or from TM
Chimecho----------------From TM---- or from TM
Metang----------------From TM---- or from TM
Metagross----------------From TM---- or from TM
Regirock----------------From TM---- or from TM
Regice----------------From TM---- or from TM
Registeel----------------From TM---- or from TM
Deoxys----------------From TM---- or from TM
Chingling----------------From TM---- or from TM
Bronzor----------------From TM---- or from TM
Bronzong----------------From TM---- or from TM
Magnezone----------------From TM---- or from TM
Porygon-Z----------------From TM---- or from TM
Dialga----------------From TM---- or from TM
Palkia----------------From TM---- or from TM
Regigigas----------------From TM---- or from TM
Giratina----------------From TM---- or from TM
Cresselia----------------From TM---- or from TM
Sigilyph------------------3838 or from TM
Roggenrola------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Boldore------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Gigalith------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Ferroseed------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Ferrothorn------------------By breedingBy breeding or from TM
Munna--------------------From TM
Musharna--------------------From TM
Audino--------------------From TM
Gothita--------------------From TM
Gothorita--------------------From TM
Gothitelle--------------------From TM
Solosis--------------------From TM
Duosion--------------------From TM
Reuniclus--------------------From TM
Klink--------------------From TM
Klang--------------------From TM
Klinklang--------------------From TM
Elgyem--------------------From TM
Beheeyem--------------------From TM
Golett--------------------From TM
Golurk--------------------From TM
Landorus--------------------From TM
Meloetta--------------------From TM
Genesect--------------------From TM
Learned by (Forms)
Standard Deoxys----------------From TM
Attack Deoxys----------------From TM
Defense Deoxys----------------From TM
Speed Deoxys----------------From TM