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MOVES: Acrobatics

Number of Pokémon affected:1

Physical move (uses Attack and Defense)

In-game description:

Move notes:
Power 110 if foe has no held item

Super Contests

Contest type:

Contest description:

Contest notes:

TMs, HMs and Move Tutors


Type effectiveness

Learned by
Pansage------------------31 or from TM31 or from TM
Simisage------------------From TMFrom TM
Pansear------------------31 or from TM31 or from TM
Simisear------------------From TMFrom TM
Panpour------------------31 or from TM31 or from TM
Simipour------------------From TMFrom TM
Woobat------------------From TMFrom TM
Swoobat------------------From TMFrom TM
Archen------------------28 or from TM28 or from TM
Archeops------------------28 or from TM28 or from TM
Butterfree------------------From TMFrom TM
Beedrill------------------From TMFrom TM
Meloetta------------------26 or from TM26 or from TM
Emolga------------------30 or from TM30 or from TM
Eelektrik------------------From TMFrom TM
Eelektross------------------From TMFrom TM
Cryogonal------------------From TMFrom TM
Mienfoo------------------From TMFrom TM
Mienshao------------------From TMFrom TM
Hydreigon------------------From TMFrom TM
Larvesta------------------From TMFrom TM
Volcarona------------------From TMFrom TM
Tornadus------------------From TMFrom TM
Azelf------------------From TMFrom TM
Mesprit------------------From TMFrom TM
Uxie------------------From TMFrom TM
Gliscor------------------27 or from TM22 or from TM
Zubat------------------33 or from TM30 or from TM
Golbat------------------39 or from TM33 or from TM
Mantyke------------------From TMFrom TM
Venomoth------------------From TMFrom TM
Treecko------------------From TMFrom TM
Grovyle------------------From TMFrom TM
Sceptile------------------From TMFrom TM
Blaziken------------------From TMFrom TM
Beautifly------------------From TMFrom TM
Volbeat------------------From TMFrom TM
Illumise------------------From TMFrom TM
Lunatone------------------From TMFrom TM
Solrock------------------From TMFrom TM
Drifloon------------------From TMFrom TM
Drifblim------------------From TMFrom TM
Ambipom------------------From TMFrom TM
Farfetch'd------------------37 or from TM37 or from TM
Chimchar------------------39 or from TM39 or from TM
Monferno------------------46 or from TM46 or from TM
Infernape------------------52 or from TM52 or from TM
Vespiquen------------------From TMFrom TM
Mothim------------------From TMFrom TM
Crobat------------------39 or from TM33 or from TM
Hoppip------------------28 or from TM28 or from TM
Skiploom------------------32 or 34 or from TM32 or 34 or from TM
Ledyba------------------From TMFrom TM
Ledian------------------From TMFrom TM
Jumpluff------------------From TMFrom TM
Aipom------------------From TMFrom TM
Gligar------------------27 or from TM22 or from TM
Scizor------------------From TMFrom TM
Mantine------------------From TMFrom TM
Mankey------------------From TMFrom TM
Primeape------------------From TMFrom TM
Mew------------------From TMFrom TM