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Dont Touch That 'Dile

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Johto Journeys
Japanese Title
New Bark Town! Where Winds of a New Beginning Blow!
English Title
Dont Touch That 'Dile
Spanish Title
No toqueis a ese 'dile
French Title
Le crime ne paie pas
Italian Title
Un'iscrizione difficile
German Title
Finger weg von Karnimani
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash and Co arrive in Johto.

Ash signs up to the Johto League.

After leaving Pallet Town, Ash & Co. are on their way to New Bark Town in Johto. While walking through a foggy forest they come across a mysterious Pokémon (easily recognisable as Suicune) stood on an island in the middle of a small lake. It notices them and takes off. Ash tries to run after it, but falls down a small hill overlooking the lake. Pikachu and Togepi jump down after him, followed closely behind by Misty and Brock. Jigglypuff sees this and also jumps down.

Elsewhere in the forest Team Rocket are also wandering around in the fog. After a while the fog lifts and they come across a huge building. After being spooked by a flock of Fearow they rush inside. A man inside, without looking up, greets them, for some reason assuming they are Nurse Joy. Jessie, pretending to be Nurse Joy, asks what he wants doing. He asks her to give a Totodile a full check up. The Totodile soon appears, biting down on Meowth's tail. It then uses Water Gun on James. Jessie tells the man that she will take it to the Pokémon Center for a check up, grabs James, Meowth and the Totodile, and runs off. Still without looking up, the man thanks her.

Back in the forest, Ash & Co. come across a sign pointing them towards New Bark Town. Ash gets excited about beginning his new journey through Johto, and can't seem to wait to enter the Johto League. Excited, he tries to run off, but Brock stops him, reminding him that he can't go to the Johto League until he has registered. Ash asks him if they have any money in case they charge a fee to register, but Brock tells him that they don't charge a fee and that all he has to do is register at a Pokémon Center. As they wander off in the direction of New Bark Town, Misty comments that there will probably be a Nurse Joy running the town's Pokémon Center. This puts a smile on Brock's face.

Arriving at the Pokémon Center they are greeted by Chansey who presses a button on the desk. This makes a screen lower down from the ceiling and a recording of Nurse Joy plays, welcoming them to the Pokémon Center, then explaining that she is over at the Elm Laboratory but should be back at 2:00 that afternoon. They look at the clock and notice that it is already 3:30. Ash assumes that she must be running late, but Brock, fearing that something may have happened to her persuades them that they should go and look for her.

Wandering through the town they notice Officer Jenny stood outside the building Team Rocket previously came across. Brock rushes over to her and tries to chat her up, but Misty pulls him away. Ash asks her where they can find Professor Elm's Lab, but she tells him that they are stood right in front of it. Brock rushes inside, followed by Ash and Misty. Officer Jenny yells after them telling them that they can't go in, but they don't hear her.

Inside the Lab, Professor Elm is upset about losing the Totodile and Nurse Joy is berating him about it, when Brock appears and tries to chat Nurse Joy up. Misty stops him. Nurse Joy asks what is going on. Ash starts to explain, but is interrupted by Officer Jenny telling them that they shouldn't be in the Lab and that it is an official police investigation. Nurse Joy explains to Ash & Co. that someone has stolen a Pokémon.

Outside she further explains that the Totodile was due to be given out to a new trainer. Professor Elm also tells them that he was supposed to be giving the Totodile and a Cyndaquil to two new trainers. He goes into more detail, telling them that new trainers come to him to get their starting Pokémon and that they can choose between Chikorita, which one new trainer had taken a few days previously, Cyndaquil or Totodile. Ash tells the Professor that back home new trainers get to choose between Charmander, Squirtle and Bulbasaur, but that he got Pikachu instead. The Professor deduces that Ash must come from Pallet Town and asks him if he knows Professor Oak. Ash explains that Professor Oak is a good friend of his and was the one to give him Pikachu. Brock asks Elm if he has ever met Oak, which the Professor confirms, telling them that he was Professor Oak's top student. He then tells Brock all about his research, showing him all the books he has written. While the Professor is babbling on, Ash explains to Nurse Joy that the reason they came looking for her is because he wants to register for the Johto League. Nurse Joy apologises, telling him that she lost track of time after arriving at the Lab. Ash, knowing what it's like to eagerly anticipate receiving a Pokémon, offers to help track down the Totodile thieves. Suddenly a man calls out to Officer Jenny and runs over telling her that he couldn't find and fingerprints but that he has made a cast of the suspect's footprints.

Elsewhere, Team Rocket are running through the town, with Jessie screaming due to the Totodile being clamped down on her hair and refusing to let go.

Not too far away Ash & Co. along with Officer Jenny are running after Growlithe who is following the scent it picked up from the footprints of the thieves.

Arriving in a park, with the Totodile still clamped onto Jessie's hair. Jessie and Meowth start arguing about who should tell the Boss that they have got a new Pokémon for him. While they are fighting, James strolls over to the phone booth and gets ready to call the Boss himself. He's just about to dial the number in when he forgets something. He asks Jessie and Meowth if either of them knows the Boss' area code. Realising what he was about to do, they both attack him instead. Suddenly they hear a barking and Ash & Co. come running up. Officer Jenny gets ready to arrest the Trio. They recite their motto, but when they finish Jenny asks them to repeat it. This angers the Trio. Jessie tells Ash & Co. that she and the Totodile are inseparable. Ash, trying to make them feel guilty, tells them that the Totodile was due to be given to a new trainer. As expected, it doesn't work and they run off. Ash sends out Bulbasaur who uses Vine Whip to trip the Trio up. James then sends out Weezing which uses Smokescreen. Next Ash sends out Charizard which flaps it's wings, blowing the Smokescreen away and allowing Bulbasaur to see and use Vine Whip, grabbing hold of the Totodile attached to Jessie's hair. It manages to pull it free, and Ash catches the Totodile in his arms. While the Trio are arguing, Jenny tells Growlithe to apprehend them, but James orders Weezing to use Sludge, blinding Growlithe. He then sends Victreebell out to attack but it just latches onto his head. Jessie sends out Lickitung, but before it has a chance to attack, Ash sends out Squirtle who uses Water Gun to knock it back. Jessie orders all of the team's Pokémon to attack, sending out Arbok as well, but Ash also orders all of his Pokémon to attack, which sends Lickitung, Arbok, Weezing and Victreebell blasting off. The Totodile then steps forward and uses Water Gun, sending the Trio blasting off after their Pokémon. After the battle, Ash hands the Totodile back to Officer Jenny, who thanks him. He says that he can now go and register himself for the Johto League.

Back in Pallet Town, Professor Oak receives a videophone call. It's Ash & Co. telling him that they have arrived in New Bark Town. He asks Ash if he has registered for the Johto League yet. Ash tells him he hasn't yet, but he has run into an old student of Oak's. Professor Elm then comes on the screen, holding the Totodile, telling him that Ash was a great help. He then ends up taking up the entire video call while Ash begins to wish he had reversed the charges. With the Professor distracted by his conversation with Professor Oak, the Totodile jumps out of his arms and wanders off, only to be picked up be Nurse Joy. She asks Ash & Co. where the Professor is, so Misty points him out, still talking to Professor Oak. She tells them that he will probably be a while, then offers to register Ash for the Johto League. It doesn't take long and after it's done she hands him an official Johto League guide book. Brock snatches it saying that he will look after it. Misty asks how many badges Ash will need, and Nurse Joy tells them that he will need eight. She also tells them that the best place to start would be the Violet Gym in Violet City. Ash decides to take her advice.

That evening Nurse Joy, Officer Jenny and Professor Elm wave goodbye to Ash & Co. Elm thanks them again for rescuing Totodile, and tells the Pokémon that it will soon be with it's new trainer and hopes that they will become good friends, just like Pikachu and Ash. And as they head for Violet City to continue their adventure, Ash & Co. are happy in the knowledge that a new Pokémon trainer will soon begin their own Pokémon journey. But what they don't know is, they are still being followed by Jigglypuff.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

Dont Touch That 'Dile Trivia:

 The English dub of this episode aired exactly one year after the original Japanese version.
 Suicune is seen in this episode - mirroring Ash's sighting of Ho-Oh in the first ever episode.

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Can someone tell me why this series is so impossible to get hold of?

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