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A Dairy Tale Ending

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Johto League Champions
English Title
A Dairy Tale Ending
French Title
Des Pokémon très Lait
This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash wins his third Johto League badge. 5 more to go.

The episode starts with the Narrator explaining what happened in the previous episode where Ash and co had arrived in Goldenrod City, challenged Whitney the Gym Leader for a Plain Badge and lost.

Que Opening Theme

Its night and Ash and co are in the Pokemon Centre where Ash’s Pokemon (Totodile, Cyndaquil and Pikachu) are recovering after the beating they took from Whitney’s Miltank. Ash is upset about his lose and says maybe he should quit and go back to Pallet Town. Nurse Joy suggests to Ash to have a good night’s sleep and it cheers Ash up.

Next morning, Ash is reunited with his Pokemon, who are now fully recovered. He thanks them for a great match. Just then, Whitney enters the Pokemon Centre to see how Ash’s Pokemon were doing after the battle they had. She also tells Ash and co that she has a special place she wants to show them and walks off with Pikachu without Ash even making a discussion.

Ash and co are now walking up a hill while Whitney explains where she is taking them. She’s taking them to a Miltank Dairy that belongs to her Uncle Milton. She says there are dozens of Miltank Dairies in the hills of Goldenrod and that her Uncle’s Miltank milk is the cream of the crop so to speck. They notice a field with lots of Miltank. Ash and co are amazed. They also bump into Whitney’s uncle.

They are now all in Milton’s house where Milton is serving Miltank milk to Ash and co. Whitney suggests Ash to bring out his Totodile and Cyndaquil so they can have a taste too. Ash sends out Totodile and Cyndaquil and they all have a taste of the milk. They all love it.

Meanwhile Team Rocket are trekking through the fields all worn out and tired after just walking all the way back from Saffron City thanks to their failed getaway. They then find themselves in the Miltank fields with some Miltank. Jessie and James then daydream about all the milk based products they could get if they caught all the Miltank. Meowth then spots the Dairy burn near by. They decide to go over to it.

Back inside Ash and co are still enjoying the Miltank milk. Whitney goes to fetch more Miltank milk product for Ash and co to try. Meanwhile Team Rocket have snuck in and are opening the fridge. They are amazed to find tons of milk related products inside and begin to snatch it all. Whitney enters to find Team Rocket taking all the contents of the fridge. Team Rocket run off. They run past Ash and co and they all chase after them. Pikachu Thundershocks Team Rocket causing them to drop the food leaving Misty, Brock and Milton to catch it. Jessie and James declare a battle and send out Arbok and Weezing. Whitney sends out her Miltank. Miltank uses its Rollout attack to first knock into Arbok and Weezing, causing them to crash into Team Rocket and then Miltank knocks into Team Rocket making them blast off. Milton thanks Ash and co for helping him and Whitney scare off Team Rocket and asks how he can repay them. Ash says he would like to learn more about Miltank.

Ash and co end up brushing the Miltank with hairbrushes. Ash says it’s the perfect way of learning as much about Miltank as possible to beat Whitney. The Miltank Ash was brushing starts to walk off and Ash calls it back saying he wasn’t finished and grabs it by the tail. The Miltank kicks Ash causing him to fly and he crashes into the wooden fence. Whitney says she should of warned Ash about that Miltank because it hates being grabbed by the tail.

Que Who’s That Pokemon? It’s Snorlax!

Back in the barn, Whitney and Milton show Ash and co how the Miltank are milked, which is all done by machine. Afterwards, Whitney decides to go up a hill to train Miltank. Ash and co go with her. Miltank is on top of the hill and it uses Rollout. It first rolls down the hill and then rolls back up making it’s attack more stronger as Brock suggests. Ash, watching in amazement, has a flash back of the Gym Battle he had with Whitney and tries to think of a way to win. Unknown to Miltank, Team Rocket are watching Miltank inside one of their many mechas which looks like a barrel on its side. The mecha rolls to the top of the hill and Team Rocket come out to do their motto. They demand the Miltank and when Ash says no a giant arm comes out the side of the barrel to grab Miltank. Team Rocket go back into the mecha and it starts to roll towards Ash and co causing them to run for their lives. A 2nd arm then grabs Pikachu. Pikachu tries to Thundershock its way out but as Meowth says, it’s made of rubber. Ash and co run towards Milton to warn him they are being attacked. Ash realises if they run away Team Rocket will get away. So he stops and sends out Cyndaquil, who tackles the mecha on its left side causing it to spin making Team Rocket lose control and thus get dizzy. Next, Ash sends out Totodile to dig some ditches with its Water Gun attack. Team Rocket then recover from their dizziness and begin rolling again. However, they roll into some of the ditches causing them to go flying and thus lose control. James then accidentally breaks the controls releasing Miltank and Pikachu. Pikachu then Thunderbolts the mecha causing it to blow up and Team Rocket to once again blast off.

Milton thanks Ash for what he did and asks if there’s anything he can do to repay him. Ash asks for a match right now and if he wins, he gets another shot for the Plain Badge. Whitney accepts the challenge. And so, Ash and Whitney prepare for their battle. Misty wonders why he is doing this since nothing has changed since last time. Brock says Ash must have a plan. Ash explains something to Pikachu, Cyndaquil and Totodile. Afterwards, they start the battle. Ash first uses Cyndaquil and Whitney is using Miltank. Miltank begins its Rollout attack. Cyndaquil uses Tackle on the rolling Miltank twice. Miltank then hits Cyndaquil a few times while Ash is saying words of encouragement. Eventually, Cyndaquil is unable to battle and Ash returns it to its Pokeball. Ash sends out Totodile and Totodile uses Water Gun to create ditches. Misty wonders what Ash is doing. Totodile then uses Water Gun to launch itself in the air and land on top of the rolling Miltank. Miltank rolls Totodile off and hits it causing it to faint. Once Ash turns Totodile to its Pokeball, Ash sends out Pikachu, who starts to use its Agility attack. Miltank ends up rolling into one of the ditches and goes flying, thus losing control just like Team Rocket earlier on. Then, Pikachu runs towards Miltank but then hides in one of the ditches. As Miltank rolls over the ditch, Pikachu head butts it into the air causing it out of its Rollout form. While in the air, Pikachu Thunderbolts Miltank causing it to faint making Ash the winner of the match. Brock then explains what Ash just did for those who weren’t listening (Hope you were). Ash asks Whitney if Miltank is okay and she says it ll be fine after a good rest. Whitney then gives Ash the Plain Badge. Ash thought he had to win a match at a Gym to win a badge but Milton explains that a Gym is just a building and it doesn’t matter where you beat a Gym Leader. Ash takes the Badge and happily does his usual “I ve won a badge!” pose.

And as the Narrator explains Ash has now got 3 badges and will continue his journeys through Johto.

This episode guide has been written by Angelic Lapras King.

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