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Johto League Champions
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Air Time!
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After winning the Plain Badge at the Goldenrod Gym, Ash & Co. are enjoying a quiet breakfast at the Pokémon Center, when an odd man approaches them. He invites Ash to be on his radio show as he recently beat Whitney. Misty asks him if he's the host. He tells her that he isn't. When Ash asks him, he reveals that he is the producer of PokéTalk Radio. He tells them that Nurse Joy told him about Ash's victory at the Gym, and asks him again to be on the show.

Elsewhere, Team Rocket are wandering the streets, hungry, when they notice the what they think is the Goldenrod Department Store. Thinking there may be free food samples, they rush over. Arriving at the "store", they are blocked from entering by a security guard, saying that they can't enter without an appointment. They don't understand until he tells them that the building isn't the Department Store; it's the Goldenrod Radio Tower. He points the to a monitor a little way off where they are able to see inside the studio as shows are being broadcast. They decide to try and find a way inside. Coming back a few minutes later, disguised, they are able to walk straight past the guard and into the building. After making their way to a room filled with reels of recordings, they begin looking for something valuable, when someone enters the room. Noticing them, he grabs them by the wrists and drags them out, saying that he has been looking all over for them. Jessie asks where he is taking them. He tells them that they are going to the interview studio as they are supposed to go on air in a couple of minutes. He then turns around to them, asking where their dummy is, saying that the Pokémon Ventriloquist act they booked was supposed to have a dummy. Coming up with an idea, Jessie grabs Meowth, pretending that he is the dummy, and they continue on their way to the studio.

Arriving at the studio, they are put into a room with DJ Mary. She apologises that they weren’t there sooner as she was hoping to have a chat with them before the interview, but they are going on air after the song currently playing ends. After the song ends, DJ Mary welcomes the listeners, then introduces Team Rocket as the Dugtrio Trio. They say hello to the listeners. Mary says that she wishes that they were able to see how lifelike the dummy is, which greatly annoys Meowth. Impressed by their "ventriloquism", she asks them how long it took to invent Meowth's character. Meowth replies, saying that the Trio doesn't seem to have very much character, and that what little it does have, he seems to own. Jessie and James get a little angry at the "dummy", but continue the act.

On the phone to Professor Oak, the Professor tells Ash that everyone in Pallet Town is very proud of him for winning the Plain Badge. Ash asks how they all know already, so Oak explains the Goldenrod Radio Station has already spoken to his mother. He goes on to explain that a producer from the station called him, asking if her knew Ash, so Oak called Delia who told the whole town the news, and that he would be on the radio. Shocked, Ash asks if she told them when he will be on. Oak tells him not to worry; everyone in Pallet Town knows the station and the time he will be on, so they will all be listening. He tells him to relax, before hanging up. Unfortunately, after being told that the whole of Pallet Town will be listening, he is far from relaxed.

At the radio station, Team Rocket are enjoying a meal, thinking that they would be much more successful as the Dugtrio Trio than as themselves, when they hear DJ Mary introduce her next guest; a trainer who has just won a Plain Badge, by the name of Ash Ketchum.

In the studio, Mary asks Ash to tell the listeners about himself. Tense, he replies that his name is Pallet Town and that he is from Ketchum. When she points out that he may have it a little backwards, he introduces Pikachu as Ash, and himself as Pikachu. Noticing how nervous he is, Mary takes them off air and tells him to try and forget that he's on radio, telling him to try and imagine that they are in a Pokémon Battle. He calms down, so she puts them back on air. She asks him if he would accept if she were to challenge him to a Pokémon Battle. He tells her that he would be happy to battle anyone who wants to challenge him. She asks him what his No. 1 goal is, which he explains as wanting to be the world's greatest Pokémon Master, but before that, he wants to become the champion at the Johto League. She asks him which Pokémon he has with him at the moment, so he lists them for her. She asks him where he is heading next. He tells her that he plans on making his way to Ecruteak City so he can challenge the Gym Leader and win his fourth Johto League Badge. She wishes him good luck and the interview is over.

As Ash & Co. exit the room, a man runs along the corridor and enters the room screaming something about tapes. As they wonder what's wrong, the "Dugtrio Trio" appear behind them and introduce themselves. Ash remembers that they were just on DJ Mary's show. Misty leans over to the "dummy", saying how real it looks. They tell them that they can make any Pokémon talk, and offer to demonstrate on Pikachu, when the show's producer rushes out of the room, thankful they haven't left yet. He tells them that they need their help. Mary comes over and asks what's wrong, so he explains that someone has destroyed the tape of a story they were going to air. The "Dugtrio Trio" look guiltily at each other. Mary says that the show was supposed to go on in a few minutes, but the producer explains that he was thinking of doing it live, with the Dugtrio Trio. He looks around and notices them slowly making their way down the corridor. He chases after them and brings them back, telling them that all they need to do is stick to the script and everything will be fine. He asks what he can do to make them agree, so the "dummy" asks if they can have some more food. He offers them a five-star buffet. They agree. He then asks Mary to be the narrator, and Ash & Co. provide some voices too. They all agree.

They go into the studio, and he gives them the script. Once he's told them what to do, they go on air. Mary introduces the continuing saga of "Brave Prince Goldenrod".

Missing his family after a long and difficult Pokémon Journey, Prince Goldenrod (Ash) and his companions (Misty and Brock) are at last returning to Goldenrod Castle. Suddenly the Charizard on which they rode let out a mighty roar, sensing the danger that lay before them. A sandstorm lashes them and they are forced to land. Arriving at Goldenrod City, all they can see is the castle as everywhere else is buried under the sand. The prince runs towards the castle, fearing for his parents. Fears that are soon put to rest as he sees the castle doors open and they arrive to greet him. The prince's companions notice something wrong; something is rotten in Goldenrod. The King beckons them inside, but the Queen insists on a Pokémon Battle as a Meowth jumps out..

..scratching Ash's face. He complains that it wasn't in the script, so the "Dugtrio Trio" say that they improvised. Mary tells them that they have to stick to the script. The Trio comment that they thought a professional broadcaster could deal with any situation. Angered, Mary continues the story

The prince was shocked by the attack, but knew the Queen had ordered Meowth to Scratch his face to make sure he wasn't an impostor wearing a mask. Assured of his identity, the Queen rushes over and embraces her son. The King invites them inside again and they all enter. As they wander the corridors, the prince asks his mother why Goldenrod is covered in sand and his companions ask why they didn't send for them. She explains that she didn't want to put the heir to the thrown in harms way. The prince's female companion again asks what the cause of the sand is. The King takes them to a room, and explains that below Castle Goldenrod lay the ancient Master Stone. They open a box, revealing to the prince and his companions the Master Stone. They realise that this is the reason for the sand; the Master Stone has been disturbed. As the prince and his companions are entranced by the stone, the Queen pushes a panel, catching them in a pit. Realising that they are impostors, the prince accuses them of being spies sent by the Gyarados Guild.

In the studio, the "Dugtrio Trio" alter their lines slightly. They reveal that the characters are not part of the Gyarados Guild, but are in fact members of Team Socket. Hearing this, the producer begins to wonder what's going on. Mary rallies herself and continues with the story.

The prince asks Team Socket what they have done with his parents. They refuse to answer and begin to walk away. The prince calls his faithful Charizard, who helps them escape the pit. Landing on it's back, he orders it to use it's Flamethrower, but Team Socket duck down. As his companions watch over Team Socket, the prince searches the castle, and soon finds his true parents where Team Socket had hidden them. After freeing them from their shackles, they beg him to stop Team Socket and return the Master Stone to it's rightful resting place. Rushing to do as he has been ordered, the prince finds his companions outside, stood next to a deep pit. He assumes that Team Socket have escaped down below.

In the studio, the "Dugtrio Trio" alter the story again, saying that the pit is in fact a time warp which sends anyone who enters it 3000 years into the future. Mary sighs, but the producer signals her to keep going. She continues the story.

Unaware of the pit's true nature, the prince and his companions jump into the time warp and are transported 3000 years into the future, arriving in an almost unrecognisable world. The prince orders Team Socket to return the Master Stone, but they transform their Meowth into a Meowth Rocket and make their escape. As they fly away, they launch a missile at the prince and his companions.

In the studio, Mary, Ash & Co. are getting quite annoyed with the Dugtrio Trio's behaviour. They begin to alter the story themselves.

Team Socket thought that they had beaten the heroes, but Prince Goldenrod had managed to land on the rocket as it flew away and held on. He sends out his Chikorita, ordering it to use Razor Leaf which slices off the rocket's navigating wires causing it to plummet back down to earth. But unfortunately the prince can only watch as the rocket falls through another time warp. Team Socket then reappear..

..inside the recording studio. Meowth jumps and catches Pikachu inside a glass cage. They remove their disguises as they recite their motto, revealing themselves to be Team Rocket. They run away, with Ash and Chikorita giving chase. Mary adds a little more narration before following them. With a portable microphone, Mary continues to broadcast the events unfolding as if they were still a part of the story. They arrive in time to see Team Rocket making their escape in their balloon. Jessie sends out Arbok, ordering it to use Poison Sting. Chikorita dodges the attack and uses Razor Leaf, knocking Arbok back. It also cuts a rope on the balloon, causing it to tip and for Pikachu to fall out into the waiting arms of Ash. After checking that it is alright, he orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, sending the Trio blasting off again. Mary continues the narration.

And the prince returns to the past with his loyal companions. As they look to the sky, the Master Stone reappears and Goldenrod City is restored to what it once was.

After finally wrapping up the story, they all collapse with relief. With the show a success, Ash & Co. continue on their journey towards Ecruteak City

And after blasting off, Team Rocket are hanging around in a tree when a couple of ventriloquists, the real Dugtrio Trio, ask them for directions. They begin to cry after having their stint as radio stars cut short, but then again; that's show business.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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