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Fossil Fools

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Johto League Champions
English Title
Fossil Fools
French Title
Un voyage pr�historique

Today on their journey, Ash & Co. have arrived at the Ruins of Alph; a place where many fossils of ancient Pokémon have been discovered. As they walk through the dig site, Ash points to some bones being excavated, saying that they look like the bones of an Aerodactyl. Professor Oak appears behind them, saying that it's exactly what they're from. He says that you can always tell it's an Aerodactyl because the tail is shaped like an arrow. Walking through the dig site, Oak expresses his hope that he didn't make them come too far out of their way. Ash tells him that they would have walked for miles to see the ruins. Brock says that the message he left for them said that he wanted to show them something. Oak explains that an old student of his has made an important discovery, and he invited him to see it.

Going inside, they are greeted by Oak's old student; Foster. Oak introduces Ash & Co. to him. He seems surprised, thinking Oak would have come alone, and drags him off to have a private talk with him. Quietly, he explains that the discoveries are of great scientific importance, and if word of it leaked out there would be news crews everywhere. Oak explains that Ash & Co. are serious Pokémon Trainers, and assures Foster that they wouldn't say a word about it until he makes it public. Ash & Co. promise that they won't say a word about it, asking to see the discovery. Foster tells them that if the Professor thinks they will keep the secret, then he will trust them. Ash then looks over to another scientist doing something to a fossil. He asks Foster what's happening. He explains that he is cleaning a newly found fossil, using a jet of water to get bits of dirt out that are too small for a brush to remove without damaging the bone. He goes on the explain that once the fossils are cleaned, they run a computer analysis to determine what they are, and what Pokémon they came from. Suddenly the water stops. Oak asks what's wrong, so Foster explains that lately they have been having problems with the water flow. Oak asks where the water source is. Foster tells him that it all comes from a natural reservoir deep in the woods, known for having crystal clear water.

At the reservoir, Team Rocket are pumping the water out and bottling it up to sell. Suddenly the pump stops working. Meowth tries turning it off, then on again, but it doesn't help. Jessie suggests helping him out to see what the problem is, then hands James a spanner, telling him to do it.

Back at the ruins, Foster is showing everyone around. Oak begins admiring the fossils and artefacts that Foster and his team have so far excavated. Foster the shows them something he seems quite proud of; an almost perfectly preserved fossil of a Kabutops. Brock asks how old it is. Foster explains that studies indicate the first Pokémon appeared about 2 million years ago, but that the Kabutops fossil seems to be around 10,000 - 20,000 years older. He goes on to say that he believes that all Pokémon evolved from aquatic life, the prospect of which excites Misty. Foster tells her that the oldest Pokémon fossils come from the ancient seas and cites this as evidence that Pokémon began their lives beneath the waves. Hearing all of this, Misty begins to go on about Water Pokémon, and how wonderful they are. She offers to be his assistant to help prove his theory, but Brock drags her away by her ear.

Foster then takes them to see the real reason he invited Professor Oak to visit. He takes them to a greenhouse-like room, filled with ancient plants. As they walk through, an Aerodactyl flies over. He explains that it's an anatomically correct robot, created especially for the exhibit he is showing them. He explains that what he is currently showing them is the Ancient Pokémon Study Park; a unique, interactive and educational amusement environment designed to show visitors the world of ancient Pokémon when it opens next year. After showing them a few more things, he takes them to a pond in the park. He explains a little more about the park, then decides to show them the reason for Oak's visit. He tells them to stand still and wait. After a little while two Omanyte and an Omastar emerge from the water. Ash comments that they almost look real. After watching them, a shocked Professor Oak realises that they aren't fake; they are real Pokémon. Foster confirms this as Ash looks them up in his PokéDex. When Ash & Co. shout in surprise, the Pokémon dig into the sand. Foster explains that they are still a little jumpy as they haven't seem people in a while. Ash & Co. ask where he found them and wonder if there are any more around. Foster tells them that they found him, and that he doesn't know if there are anymore, but he hopes there are. Professor Oak goes over to the Pokémon and introduces himself to them. One of the Omanyte slowly emerges from the sand and walks up to him. He explains that it was an Omanyte that first sparked his interest in Pokémon Research. He asks Foster how he discovered them, but he says that he didn't. He just came into the park one morning and there they were. Brock points out that when the park opens and thousands of people see them, the discovery won't stay secret for very long. Foster explains that was the reason he called Oak; to ask his advice. Oak tells him that the Pokémon should be protected, but that the park should be opened to the public too. Ash points out that if more of them live nearby, trainers will visit and try to catch them; something the Professor has already realised.

Back at the reservoir, Team Rocket discover the reason the pump isn't working; it's clogged up with Omanyte. Jessie and Meowth tell James to throw them back, but he points out that Omanyte are supposed to be extinct. Jessie doesn't seem to understand, so he explains that Omanyte is a very rare, very valuable Pokémon. Meowth realises that the reservoir is probably full of them, so they should find a lot more if they pump more water out. They plan to catch all of the Omanyte and sell them, but keep some choice ones back for the Boss.

Back at the ruins, Foster, Oak, Ash & Co. are observing the Omanyte and Omastar on the security cameras. Misty comments that she could stay and watch them all day. Ash points out that usually when she sees a Water Pokémon, she gets excited and wants to catch it, but she says that they've been living free for so long, catching them wouldn't seem right. As they stand, watching them in amazement, a third Omanyte appears on the screen. Then a second Omastar. Oak asks when the first ones arrived. Foster tells him that it was the same day they began experiencing problems with the water flow. Suddenly another scientist enters the room saying that they have a problem; the water has stopped completely now. Oak suggests they go to the reservoir, the source of the problem. As they set off, Ash sends out Noctowl, ordering it to scout ahead.

At the reservoir, Team Rocket are using the pump to suck up all of the prehistoric Pokémon. Noctowl notices them and flies back to report what it has seen. The tank begins to overflow and the Pokémon start falling out of the top. Jessie suggests they return the next day with a bigger tank.

On their way to the reservoir, Ash spots Noctowl flying back to them. It indicates that something is happening at the reservoir. He recalls it and they continue on their way.

At the reservoir, Team Rocket are emptying the Pokémon from the tank into their balloon. Suddenly they hear something, and Ash & Co. arrive. The Trio recite their motto. Foster asks them how they even know about the Pokémon, so Meowth explains. After listening, Oak realises that the reservoir is their natural habitat, and that they only arrived at the park when the Trio started to drain the water away. Foster tells the Trio to put them back, but they refuse. They call out their Pokémon. Ash sends Pikachu into battle. Jessie orders Arbok to use Poison Sting, but Pikachu dodges. James orders Weezing to use Sludge, but Pikachu dodges this too. Ash orders it to use Thunderbolt, shocking the two Pokémon, then orders it to use Tackle, knocking them back. They crash into the tank and all of the water the Trio had pumped up drains back. Jessie and James recall their Pokémon, before making their getaway in their balloon. Ash is about to order Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, but Misty stops him, saying that Thunderbolt will not only shock the Trio, but all of the Omanyte and Omastar too. The balloon begins to float away, then stops; they've overloaded themselves and are now too heavy to go any higher. Meowth suggests throwing some back, but Jessie stops him, saying that they are too valuable. As they argue, Ash sends out Noctowl, ordering it to use Peck, popping the balloon. It comes crashing down and the Trio fall out. Ash orders Pikachu to use Thunderbolt, shocking them. The Omanyte and Omastar then confront their captors, using Water Gun to send Team Rocket blasting off again. Ash & Co. watch as the Omanyte and Omastar return to the water. Foster gets the feeling that they won't be visiting him anymore, since the only reason they did was because of Team Rocket threatening their home. Brock asks Oak if he is going to stay and research them, but the Professor tells him that they have had enough trouble from humans and that they deserve to live their lives in peace.

Later that day, Foster and Oak wave Ash & Co. off as they continue on their journey through Johto.

This episode guide has been written by The Librarian.

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