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The Stolen Stones

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Johto League Champions
English Title
The Stolen Stones
French Title
Un Pokémon nommé désir
As the team make their way towards Olivine City, they come across a rocky area. Suddenly, they're hit by a strong wind, and rocks tumble towards them. At the last second, a group of Arcanine dash past and rescue them.

The Arcanine belong to a girl called Ramona, who happened to be passing by with her brother Keagan. Brock attempts to flirt with Ramona, before Misty pulls him away by the ear.

Ash learns from his PokéDex that Arcanine evolves from Growlithe using a Fire Stone. He remembers seeing a Fire Stone before, and Keagan reveals a bag full of them - prizes for a Fire Pokémon tournament. Ramona explains that they run a delivery service, using their Arcanine. They offer the gang a lift, riding the Arcanine.

Taking a break, Ash helps Keagan brush the Arcanine. Keagan offers to teach Ash to ride. At first, Ash does well, but attempting to jump over a pool, he falls off.

At that moment, they spot a rocket headed for them. It lands, and an attachment steals the Fire Stones. Team Rocket exit the rocket, and grab Pikachu also. Ramona saves Pikachu with one Arcanine, and Keagan instructs another to use a Fire Spin attack. Under siege, Team Rocket escape on a tandem bicycle. Ramona and Keagan chase using the Arcanine's Extreme Speed.

As they run, the Arcanine fall into a pitfall. Pleased that their old plan has succeeded, Team Rocket escape, leaving Ash, Brock and Misty to ensure that Ramona and Keagan are alright.

Golbat searches the skies using its Supersonic, and the group find bicycle trails. The trails reveal that Team Rocket split up, so the group do the same. Shortly, Ramona, Brock and Misty find the Fire Stones in a clearing. They run towards them - and fall into a second pitfall. Pleased that the plan worked a second time, James cycles away.

Meanwhile, Ash and Keagan chase Jessie. She heads into some bushes, and when they arrive at the other side, Ash and Keagan find a battlefield. Jessie offers to fight for the stones. Keagan suspects that she must have a plan if she's willing to risk the stones on a battle, but Ash accepts anyway. Arbok and Pikachu are sent out, and they fight. Pikachu easily takes care of Arbok, and Jessie hands over the bag. They run towards it - and fall into yet another pitfall. Keagan nurses an injured arm, and realises that the bag's full of ordinary rocks. Up above, Jessie pulls Pikachu out of the hole and cycles away.

Jessie and James meet up with Mewoth, who had the real Fire Stones all along. They agree to head for the boss before they make a mistake.

Finally, Ash manages to climb out of the hole, who helps Keagan out. They mount Arcanine, but Ash realises that Keagan can't lead. Ash must lead instead, remembering what Keagan taught him. He struggles, crashing into several trees, but Keagan then explains that Ash and Arcanine must work as a team. Eventually, Arcanine finds Pikachu's scent.

Elsewhere, Team Rocket celebrate over a large meal. James has reservations about spending money before they have it, but eventually agrees that they've finally won.

Meanwhile, Onix has managed to dig Brock, Misty and Ramona out of their hole.

Ash and Keagan find Team Rocket. Keagan orders Arcanine to use a Take Down attack, but Jessie counters it with Wobbuffet. Team Rocket escape in their balloon, but the others arrive with Ramona. She orders the Arcanine to use their Fire Spin attacks, which knock the balloon out of the sky. Failing to take out the Arcanine with Arbok, the trio runs away, but Ash orders Arcanine to use its Extreme Speed. Finally, Pikachu finishes them off with a Thunderbolt attack.

The next day, Ramona and Keagan have delivered their Fire Stones to their destination. Keagan thanks Ash for his help, but Ash points out that he couldn't have done it without Keagan's riding lesson.

This episode guide has been written by Iceduck.

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