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The Poké Spokesman

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English Title
The Poké Spokesman
French Title
La reine des Pokémon
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The group continue on their way towards Olivine City. Pikachu seems tired. A nearby man explains that the minerals in the area absorb electrical energy. He approaches Pikachu, and speaks in Pikachu's language. He tells the gang that he has a rest stop ahead, and that Pikachu will be too tired to walk. Asked how he knows this, he explains that he can speak fluent Pokémon.

At the rest stop, Team Rocket have disguised themselves as senior citizens to cheat for a discount. Seeing Ash and the gang approach, they hide, and the man provides Ash with an electricity-generating bicycle to help Pikachu recharge. Misty and Brock learn that the man ordinarily charges for use of the bike and for interpreting Pokémon speech, but since he didn't mention it, he decides not to charge in this case.

Team Rocket realise that Pikachu being low on energy is the perfect opportunity to catch it. They make themselves known, but before they attempt to capture Pikachu, Meowth points out that he's never seen a man who could communicated with Pokémon before. James asks the man if he can really communicate with Pokémon, and he attempts to prove it by speaking in Pikachu's language.

Out of the blue, Officer Jenny turns up, and arrests the man - whose name is Simon - for swindling trainers. Simon claims that he really can communicate with Pokémon, but since no-one else can ask the Pokémon to verify this, it's impossible to prove or disprove this claim.

Suddenly spotting Team Rocket, Officer Jenny recognises their uniforms and checks some photos. One of these photos is of Butch and Cassidy, other members of Team Rocket. Jessie and James attempt to escape, but are attacked by smoke bombs. They manage to get away by the time the smoke clears, and Simon has disappeared also.

In the cliffs, Meowth spots Simon with three men in suits. Jessie suspects that those men were behind the smoke bombs.

That night, Simon meets a man in a white suit - the fake Pokémon interpretor. We learn that Simon only charges a fee for the upkeep of the rest stop, whereas the other men keep the money for themselves.

Outside, Team Rocket have been eavesdropping, and James suggests copying the scheme. Meowth is offended by this idea, since he put so much effort into learning to speak as a human; Pokémon are honest, he claims. Jessie points out that he lies all the time, upsetting him.

Inside, Simon refuses to join the criminals. They tell him they can't let him leave in that case. Meowth points out that a man of Simon's talent would be useful for making money, and Jessie and James agree to help save him.

Meanwhile, Officer Jenny has given Ash and the gang a lift to a Pokémon Centre, where Nurse Joy has recharged Pikachu. Ash contacts Professor Oak, who reports that there have been no genuine reports of Pokémon interpretors. Ash is disappointed that it seems that Simon was a fraud, and behind him, Simon enters the Centre. He tells Ash that he's headed for the police station, but stopped along the way as he was worried for Pikachu.

He talks to Pikachu, and explains his ability to the others. Usually, he can only understand the feelings behind the words - with a single exception, long ago.

Sixty years ago, with a tornado headed for his farmhouse, Simon's father sent him into an underground shelter. Simon shouted after his father, and outside, heard lightning strike. After some time, he heard a Pidgey, a Rattata and an Oddish behind him - and could understand their speech. Forgetting the storm, Simon spent hours talking to the Pokémon, and was eventually found by adults. His farmhouse had been destroyed, and he never saw the three Pokémon again. Afterwards, he dedicated his life to trying to communicate with Pokémon, but still isn't sure whether he can speak to them or not. At that moment, Pikachu approaches and thanks Simon.

Suddenly, a group of Magnemite and Magneton appear, looking ready to attack. The criminals who kidnapped Simon are back, to stop him from going to the police. They order the Magnemite and Magneton to absorb the electricity from the Pokémon Centre. Nurse Joy arrives, begging him to stop, as so many Pokémon are being treated and need the electricity.

Ash prepares to fight, but Simon insists that this is his responsibility. Speaking in English rather than Pokémon, he begs the Magnemite and Magneton to think of the Pokémon inside the Centre. Despite their hunger for electricity, the Pokémon listen, and drop to the ground. Having spoken from his heart, Simon was able to make himself understood.

Pikachu re-energises the Magnemite and Magneton with its own electricity, who in turn electrocute the criminals. The police turn up, and arrest the criminals. Officer Jenny, who's already been told the story by Nurse Joy, thanks Simon for his help, accepting his ability to speak to Pokémon.

In the sky, Team Rocket's balloon is struck by lightning.

The group say goodbye to Simon, who decides to keep trying to understand the Pokémon language. As he walks, he comes across Meowth, who speaks to him. Simon is reminded of being a child, speaking to those first Pokémon, and walks on with a spring in his step.

This episode guide has been written by Iceduck.

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