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The Screen Actor's Guilt

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English Title
The Screen Actor's Guilt
Moving ever closer to Olivine City, the gang have arrived at a city, where a hoard of screaming girls runs past. Someone in a heavy disguise arrives, thrusting a bag into Ash's hands, asking him to take care of it. He opens it to find a Smoochum.

Smoochum kisses them all, and the Pokédex reveals that she explores the world using kisses. She finds a hat, and puts it on. Humouring her, Brock takes the hat and puts it on himself. Suddenly, the screaming girls arrive again, surrounding Brock. Outside the group, a robotic Skiploom turns up, and the Smoochum, Togepi and Pikachu follow it.

Brock removes his hat, and they realise he isn't who they thought he was - Brad van Darn. They leave, and up above, they see Brad - he's a film star.

Team Rocket watch Pikachu, Togepi and Smoochum on a screen - the robotic Skiploom is theirs. They nab the Pokémon as soon as the robo-Skiploom returns, but shortly, Ash and the gang have found them. Ash instructs Totodile to use its Water Gun to distract them, and Bayleef to nab the Pokémon with its Vine Whip. Meowth attempts to use the robo-Skiploom to battle, but another Water Gun from Totodile gives Pikachu the perfect chance to use its Thunderbolt.

Brad returns to where he met the gang, and finds that they're missing. A bald man - Brad's manager - in a car drives up and tells him to get in, to avoid the screaming girls. The gang return just in time to see the car drive away, so they follow it.

They come to an arena with a very long queue. Backstage, Brad refuses to do the show because of his missing Smoochum. The manager encourages him to get a tough Pokémon instead, to match his tough image, but Brad insists that Smoochum helped him get his career off the ground in the first place.

Ash climbs a tree to get into a window. Brad thinks he hears the Smoochum, but the manager closes the curtains and leads him out of the room. Ash manages to find the bald man, and offers him the Smoochum, but the man insists that Brad doesn't want the Smoochum back. However, Brad finds them, and starts hugging the Smoochum - the bald man rushes everyone into a private room.

Team Rocket have arrived, disguised as security, and the manager tells them to throw Smoochum and the kids out of the building. The Rockets take them to the stage, where everyone other than Smoochum is caught in a net.

Brad learns what his manager did, and heads for the stage. However, Meowth has raised the curtain, and the audience is packed. Brad arrives, and takes on James's Weezing in person with his gymnastic skills. Next, he cartwheels out of the way of Arboks's Poison Sting, and after deflecting another Tackle from Weezing, saves his Smoochum. Everyone witnesses him hugging the Smoochum, and Jessie orders Arbok to Headbutt him. Arbok misses, hitting Meowth instead, and Ash sends out Bayleef. to take care of Arbok. Weezing uses a Smokescreen attack, which Ash clears with Noctowl. Brad has Smoochum use a Sweet Kiss attack, allowing Pikachu to use its Thunderbolt.

Brad finishes the show by explaining that the whole thing was real. He reveals that Smoochum is actually his own Pokémon, and the audience loves it.

Later on, the gang see a trailer for Brad's new film - with Smoochum as a co-star.

This episode guide has been written by Iceduck.

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