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Bye Bye Butterfree

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Bye-Bye Butterfree
English Title
Bye Bye Butterfree
Dutch Title
Tot ziens Butterfree
Spanish Title
Adiós Butterfree
French Title
Un Pokémon amoureux
Italian Title
Una nuova vita
German Title
Bye-Bye Smettbo
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash releases his Butterfree.

The episode starts with Ash, Brock and Misty coming to a cliff near the ocean. A rock bridge is the only route to Saffron City. Misty sees hundreds of Butterfree in the sky! Brock explains they're celebrating their season of love. The Butterfree are going to mate and fly across the sea to lay their eggs. Ash wonders if he should let his go. Brock says if he doesn't, it will never go across the sea and have babies.

They find a place renting hot air balloons and go up in one. All the Butterfree are pairing up. Ash sends his Butterfree. It tries talking to a few. They all ignore it. Brock says maybe that none of them are its type. Maybe some have different markings or fly better. Suddenly, lots of hot air balloons appear. They're all trainers releasing their Butterfree! One pretty girl releases hers and Brock tells Ashs to get that one, because if two Pokemon fall in love, the trainers will, too. Misty tells him not to interfere with Pokemon romance. Butterfree tries again. It sees a pink Butterfree and its eyes turn into hearts. It flies over and starts flying around weirdly. Brock explains it's Butterfree's courtship dance. If it is successful, the other Butterfree dances too. Misty thinks it's romantic. The pink one flies up and Butterfree follows. It tries courting it, only to get kicked in the face. It gets this really sad, but cute look on its face.

Misty says that isn't fair. Butterfree flies away towards the forest. Brock says it was shot down.

They're looking for Butterfree in the forest. They find it by a tree. It's very sad because it was rejected. Brock says he knows how it feels. He could write a book about the secrets of love and heartache. Misty says that could be his autobiography. Pikachu talks to Butterfree. Ash wonders if Dexter could help, but Dexter has never been in love. Ash says that maybe if Butterfree shows off how powerful it is, the other Butterfree would like it! Misty says that with love, you have to be assertive: Get in a quick punch, and get them while they're distracted! Brock says he wished he had known that sooner. Brock says maybe a new look would help Butterfree. He ties a scarf around its neck.

They're up in the balloon again, but where is the pink Butterfree? They spot it. Ash tells Butterfree to have confidence. He has it show off its Whirlwind attack. The pink one ignores it. It tries its Tackle attack. Still nothing! Butterfree is very sad. Shot down again.

Suddenly, Team Rocket arrives in a helicopter. They say their lines and little pictures of chibi Jessie and James are on a banner behind them. A big net comes out of the bottom of the helicopter. They're going to catch all the Butterfree. Team Rocket starts scooping them up with the net, but Ash's Butterfree avoids it. It starts tackling the helicopter! It tries Stun Spore with no effect. Ash is about to send Pidgeotto, but Misty says Butterfree is trying its hardest and it would feel bad if he did that. Team Rocket starts flying away and Butterfree follows. Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu go after them.

They come to a canyon. There's no sign of Team Rocket or Butterfree! Then they spot Butterfree. It is hurt. They follow it to a warehouse, where Team Rocket has caught 100 Butterfree and caged them. Meowth says he'll be top cat and has a fantasy about him being the Boss' favorite, instead of Persian.

A window breaks! Ash, Misty and Brock start saying the Team Rocket motto: "Prepare for trouble! And make it triple!" Ash has Butterfree tackle them. Misty has her Starmie tackle, too. Butterfree starts ramming the cage, trying to break it. The pink Butterfree watches it. The cage shatters and the caught Butterfree fly out! James hits Starmie with a sledgehammer. Misty sprays some water on it and it's fine. Brock opens the warehouse doors and the Butterfree fly out. The pink Butterfree stays. James is about to hit it, but Ash's Butterfree tackles him.

Team Rocket gets back into the helicopter to catch the Butterfree again. Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu follow in the balloon, along with the two Butterfree. Pikachu jumps onto Butterfree's back. They fly towards the helicopter. Pikachu jumps and lands on the front window. He smiles evilly. Team Rocket start freaking out, screaming "It's gonna shock us!" Pikachu does and the helicopter explodes, so Team Rocket falls into a canyon. Butterfree catches Pikachu.

Pikachu gets back into the balloon. Then the pink Butterfree starts doing the courtship dance for Ash's Butterfree. They both start dancing!

It's sunset. Butterfree has to leave so it can cross the ocean. Butterfree looks like it's going to cry. Ash says he'll tell the other Pokemon it's on a trip. Butterfree flies up to the pink one.

There is then a series of flashbacks, showing when Ash caught Caterpie, when it evolved into Metapod and when it evolved into Butterfree. Then it shows scenes from various episodes with Butterfree. The Pokemon theme song starts playing when Butterfree evolved.

Ash has been looking down. Misty tells him that Butterfree is almost out of sight. Ash runs to the edge of the cliff and shouts goodbye. He says good luck, and thank you, and to be happy. Pikachu shouts good-bye, too. Brock says Ash raised Butterfree to have lots of courage and it helped it now.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Bye Bye Butterfree Trivia:

 This episode marks the first occasion in which Team Rocket's motto is mocked.
 This is the first occasion in which a main character releases a Pokémon.
 This is one of the few episodes in which the episode title is the same in Japanese and English.
 Contrary to popular rumours, no version of the episode states that Butterfree die after mating.

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