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The Tower of Terror

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Capture at the Pokémon Tower!
English Title
The Tower of Terror
Dutch Title
De spooktoren
Spanish Title
La torre del terror
French Title
La tour de la terreur
Italian Title
La torre della paura
German Title
Der Terror-Turm
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash befriends a Haunter who follows him.

The Pokémon Tower. A dark, scary building. Ash, Misty, Brock and Pikachu are on their way to Lavender Town and a fog is rolling in. They have to be careful. Ash tells everyone to hold hands. Brock accidentaly grabs Pikachu's tail and gets shocked. Misty says not to scare them, then Ash starts laughing evilly. He turns around. His face is a skeleton! Misty, Brock and Pikachu scream. Ash takes off the mask. He says it was a test. If they're going to catch Ghost Pokémon, they have to learn to deal with fear. They all get angry at him and Pikachu shocks him.

They see Lavender Town as the fog clears. They go to the Pokémon Tower, where it seems to be dark all the time. It's where Ghost Pokémon hang out. Misty and Brock tell Ash to go in and start to leave. Ash said they promised to help him, but they say they don't remember promising anything. Ash says he isn't afraid. When he asks if Pikachu is, he finds the electric mouse asleep in a sleeping bag. Ash says rhat maybe they could go tomorrow morning, and goes into a sleeping bag, too.

Misty hits a gong a few minutes later, waking them both up.

Team Rocket is watching from a window. James falls through the floor. Jessie and Meowth look down through the hole. On the other side of the room, the closet door opens and a pair of eyes and a mouth apear. Meowth sees this. It's a Gastly! It floats out towards them. Meowth screams. He tells Jessie to look behind her where the Gastly is, but once she does, it has disappeared. As she is looking, the Gastly appears right in front of Meowth. When Jessie looks back at Meowth, not seeing the Gastly right in front of her face, Meowth tries to scratch the Scratch, but scractches Jessie instead. Jessie pulls out a hammer from somewhere and hits him. He bounces around the room and falls through the floor. Jessie looks in a mirror and sees the scratch marks on her face. Then the Gastly goes through her head, she sees it in the mirror and screams! She falls through the same hole, after which that floor breaks. They all scream as they fall.

Outside, the others have heard the screaming.

Team Rocket has fallen into the basement. They wake up to see Gastly. They faint.

Ash thinks those voices they heard sounded familiar. Misty and Brock have Ash go in first. The door slams shut behind them! Its pitch black so Ash sends Charmander. He breathes fire, lighting up the room. Misty says it's creepy. Brock found a candle. He asks Charmander to light it. Charmander breathes fire, torching Brock! Brock yells to light the candle, not him. Pikachu laughs. They look down the hole.

Somewhere else we hear laughter. We see two guys beating each other up on a TV. Watching the TV are a Haunter and a Gengar sitting in chairs and eating popcorn. They laugh: this part is funny. Gastly materializes above the TV. The three of them strike poses.

Back at the good guys, Ash calls out. Brock says they're there to catch you. Misty says not to say that, they won't come out. They suddenly find themselves in what looks like a fancy restaurant. There is a string with a card attached that says "Pull This". Ash pulls it. A ball opens and confetti and streamers come out, along with a sing reading "Welcome". They're being welcomed? Suddenly, all the plates and chairs starts floating into the air, then they start flying all over the place. Brock gets caught by a chair and is flung around. Pikachu and Charmander are picked up by plates. They jump off and everyone runs out of the room. Laughter is heard and the Ghost Pokémon Trio appears by the door and laugh.

Everyone has ran outside. Misty says she'll never go back in there. Brock agrees. Ash says they have to! Pikachu and Charmander are afraid and Charmander torches everyone. Ash asks them if they want to lose to Sabrina again. Pikachu remembers that. Ash says that if they want to beat Psychic Pokémon, they have to overcome their fears. Ash asks if they are with him and they both nod. Ash and the two Pokémon begin heading back in. Misty and Brock say they'll wait outside.

Ash and the Pokémon go inside. They hear moaning. Ash checks his Pokedex. It says that not much is known about ghosts. In the basement Team Rocket wakes up. Ash has Pikachu use Thundershock, thinking it's the ghosts. They faint. He then has Charmander fry them, and they wake up. He tries throwing a Pokeball, hitting Jessie in the face. She gets angry. Fire appears in her eyes and hair. She runs around until it goes out.

The Haunter appears at Ash and the others. Pikachu sees it. When Ash turns to look, it's gone, then Ash turns around and sees Haunter. Haunter makes a face and Ash screams. He says he's not afraid, just surprised. He sends Charmander to fight. It uses Leer. Charmander makes a weird face, making Haunter laugh. Haunter Licks Charmander, paralyzing it. Ash brings Charmander back. Haunter does the bug-eye face again. Then Gengar comes up from the floor and hits Ash with a fan. Gengar and Haunter laugh. Ash checks his Pokedex - no info! Gengar hits Haunter with the fan, after which they both just stand there, looking at Ash. They then start bouncing up and down. Ash figures out that they're trying to be funny, but their act is kind of boring. Gengar and Haunter look sad. They suddenly appear in a spotlight, being covered with snow. Ash says its just isn't funny. Gengar and Haunter start sinking into the floor. Ash tries to grab for them, but they disappear.

The chandelier falls on Ash and Pikachu. The Ghost Pokemon Trio claps. The ghosts poke them. No response! The Ghosts look worried. Haunter laughs. It then pulls Ash and Pikachus spirits from their bodies. They wake up to find themselves floating. They're ghosts, too, but Ash doesn't want to be a ghost. Haunter grabs him and pulls him outside. They see Misty and Brock and decide to scare them. Ash floats behind her and then picks her up. She screams. He then drops her. Brock catches her. Misty said the voice sounded like Ash. He must be in trouble!

Ash, Pikachu, and the Ghost Pokemon Trio are flying across the land. They fly through a forest. Haunter goes in front, right in front of Ash. It opens its mouth and Ash passes right through. They go back to the tower. They go into the top floor, where there is a huge room filled with toys! Gengar balances on a ball and Gastly plays on a swing. All they wanted was someone to play with, not to scare people. Pikachu gets on the swing with Gastly. Ash says he cant stay, though. He still has to fulfill his destiny. The Ghosts get sad. Ash says he'll really miss them. They all start crying.

Meanwhile, Misty and Brock have found Ash and Pikachus lifeless bodies. They won't wake up. Ash and Pikachu's ghosts go back into their bodies. Ash wakes up. He tells Misty he was sorry to worry them. Misty looks like she was about to cry.

They go outside. Ash says he can't catch any ghosts there, but Haunter is following them. It scares Misty and Brock and they run away. Haunter had so much fun, it wants to come along!

But what about Team Rocket? Up in the toy room, they're playing with Gengar and Gastly: Team Rocket is tied to the carousel and being spun around.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

The Tower of Terror Trivia:

 This episode was temporarily banned following the 9/11 attacks because of the episode's title.

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