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Rage of Innocence

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Master Quest
Japanese Title
Rage of the red Gyrados
English Title
Rage of Innocence
Spanish Title
Furia de Inocencia
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Continuation of previous episode.

The episode begins with a recap of the previous episode. The name of the Rocket in the previous episode (whom I called Tatsumi) was revealed to be Tyson.

The Rockets and Lance are all driving alongside a mountain and Tyson and Sebastian contact the Team Rocket's headquarters in Mahogany. The grunt on the other side of the line says that some helicopters are waiting for them. The vans are all going around a ridge when the last van suddenly turns around once it's out of the sight of the others. The driver is Lance, who contacts Jenny of Mahogany and tells her that there's a secret base right in town. She tells Lance that she will begin her investigation right away. Lance thanks her and wishes her luck.

AshCompany are yelling for help and eventually get on JessieCompany's nerves. When JessieCompany express this, Ash then tells Pikachu to try and break the bars of the prison with a thunderbolt, but Pikachu hasn't quite recovered from the Evolution Inducement Wave. JessieCompany get greedy and attempt to seal Pikachu. They open a the jail in order to get Pikachu, AshCompany tense up like they're ready to jump JessieCompany, but Jessie releases Arbok and uses poison sting to intimidate AshCompany. They press a button to release Pikachu from the capture ring. They didn't realize, however, that the button unlocks all of the rings, therefore releasing everyone. Jessie yells at James for not telling her that that would happen, and James said he didn't know. Ash then uses Cyndaquil's smokescreen to escape, and in the confusion, JessieCompany end up in the capture rings (I'm assuming that AshCompany did that to them?). They somehow escape however and start to run after AshCompany. Meowth wakes up when he sees JessieCompany run by and Jessie uses poison sting to stop them. She then tells Arbok to use wrap attack on AshCompany, but Arbok is deflected by a hyper beam before it can hit them. It came from a dragoinite who lands just as one of Team Rocket's vans pulls into the garage. A grunt gets out of the car and AshCompany run over to him. JessieCompany demand to know who he is and it turns out to be Lance who loses the disguise, introduces himself as "Lance of the Pokemon G-Men", and does a heroic pose. Jessie says that she doesn't care if he's a G-Man, Tree-Man, or He-Man; he will soon be an X-Man. She orders Arbok to use acid attack, but Lance uses Dragonite's twister attack to blast them off. He gets a little annoyed at AshCompany for returning to Lake Rage against his wishes. They apologize, but Lance realizes that AshCompany were worried about gyarados as much as he was. He later says that the Evolution Inducement Wave must be destroyed and orders Dragonite to use its hyper beam. Dragonite nods and proceeds to destroy the place. AshCompany and Lance then escape in one of the vans an head toward Mahogany.

At Team Rocket's Mahogany HQ, Sebastian gets in one of the helicopters and Tyson tells him that he needs to load the gyarados first. Sebastian tells him to make it quick, because he wants to begin studying the gyarados right away in order to perfect the Wave. JessieCompany then contact him via radio and Tyson is surprised to hear that AshCompany have escaped. Meowth mentions that Lance had destroyed the lab and Tyson gets annoyed at himself for being so foolish. On the other side of the radio, James requests five grunts for backup. Jessie and Meowth keep telling him to ask for more until he finally asks for 100 men, but Tyson had already hung up. Tyson and some other Rockets are in two helicopters holding up a net that is holding up a gyarados, when the gyarados wakes up and starts to struggle. Tyson deducts that the effects of the Wave are wearing off.

Pikachu and Togepi sense something and Misty suggests that they sense gyarados. Ash tells Lance to hurry and Lance says something to the effect of, "It's time to put the pedal to the metal," and starts to speed up.

Gyarados eventually pulls both helicopters down into the river, escapes, and starts destroying things with its water gun. AshCompany and Lance see it heading up river. Lance stops the car and Ash gets out and tells the gyarados that he's glad to see that it has escaped. The gyarados, however, water guns him and knocks him down onto the ground. Lance goes over to see if he's okay, which he is. Gyarados is going up the river, destroying everything that is related to humans, and Ash is trying to tell it to calm down. Lance says that it's out of control with anger. Brock says that if it they don't do something then there will just be more and more destruction. Lance sends out Dragonite to stop it, but Tyson comes up and gets annoyed at Lance. He tells all of the other Rockets not to let the gyarados escape and the other vans drive off. AshCompany tell Lance that they will protect the gyarados. Lance tries to stop them from going into danger, but Tyson gets mad at Lance for destroying the lab. Lance says that anyone who would force a pokemon to evolve must be stopped and prepares to battle (who's that pokemon? - it's dunsparce!).

Tyson tells Lance that he will be punished for destroying the base and Lance says that it is highly unlikely that Tyson will defeat him (and he sounds pretty angry). Tyson sends out two fearows and Lance calls on Dragonite. The fearow keep trying to peck Dragonite, but Dragonite keeps dodging. When they get close enough, Lance orders a wing attack, which hits both fearows. The fearows then try to tackle (I think) Dragonite, but Dragonite is dodging them. Lance orders a thunder wave which hits both and Tyson orders a hyper beam. Lance orders the same of Dragonite and the two hyper beams collide, causing an explosion.

The Rocket grunts see the gyarados and capture it with several nets (how???), shock it, and start to pull it out of the river. AshCompany come and see the scene and Ash orders Bayleef to cut the net with vine whip. One of the grunts gets mad at him and aims another net/ missile at gyarados. Ash gets in front of the gyarados to protect it, surprising both gyarados and the grunt. Gyarados then uses hyper beam to blast the Rockets off. Ash tells the gyarados to get into the river, and it starts to obey, when JessieCompany show up and use their own net to capture the gyarados. They then say their motto and start to make their getaway (they now have rockets on their balloon), when Ash jumps onto the net holding gyarados. Meowth tries to shake him off and drag him in the river, but neither will make Ash let go. Gyarados then starts to struggle again and causes the net to break, and Ash and JessieCompany to fall to the ground. Gyarados continues its rampage and AshCompany try to go after it, but JessieCompany still plan to capture Pikachu. Jessie sends out Arbok and order it to use poison sting, which Pikachu easily dodges using agility. Pikachu then blasts them off again.

Tyson's fearows are still trying to tackle Dragonite and finally each connect once, knocking Dragonite out temporarily. Lance orders Dragonite to wake up and use twister. Dragonite wakes up moments before it hits the ground and uses twister to defeat the fearows. Jenny then comes and arrests Tyson.

Gyarados is heading to the middle of Mahogany, firing hyper beams in random directions, and AshCompany are still trying to calm it down. It then fires a hyper beam in their direction when a man (revealed to be the gym leader Pryce in the next episode) orders his dewgong to use its ice beam to stop gyarados and freeze the river. He then says that trying to make friends with pokemon is a naive concept. He and Ash argue briefly and Pryce says that Ash is putting everyone in danger with his foolish ideas. Gyarados heads up river and starts to destroy things again, when Lance shows up and starts to battle Gyarados. He orders Dragonite to use thunder wave, but Gyarados keeps countering with hyper beams. AshCompany ask him to stop, but Lance says that the only way to save Gyarados is by battling it. Dragonite finally hits it, and Lance silently promises gyarados to rid it of its sorrow and anger. AshCompany then talk about how all of Gyarados’ anger isn’t its fault. Lance then orders Dragonite to use hyper beam, which knocks Gyarados out. Ash is wonders if Gyarados is okay and Lance captures it using a pokeball. Lance says that Gyarados will be fine, but Ash is still worried about weather Lance will take good care of it or not.

Tyson and the other Rockets are now being hauled off to jail and Jenny thanks Lance for his help and says that she has to continue the investigation and tells everyone to take care. Lance says that he has to go, too. He tells Ash not to worry; he will take good care of Gyarados just like Ash would. Everyone seems surprised and Lance says that Gyarados will be his friend just like his other pokemon. Ash seems very relieved at this and they all say their goodbyes as Lance flies away on his Dragonite.

This episode guide has been written by Kim RH.

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meganiumtrainer on Sat 20 Jun 2015 20:20:21 UTC.
Lance. Is. Bad. Ass.

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