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Same Old Song and Dance

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Master Quest
Japanese Title
Igglybuff twins Vs Jigglypuff! Sing Pokémon contest
English Title
Same Old Song and Dance
NOTE: This is a review of the Japanese version, so everything might not gel with the (eventual) dubbed version. As a rough guide, expect the dubbed version to be dumbed down, stupider and less dodgy. Your statutory rights are not affected.

On with the show...

Ashco are headed to Blackthorn Gym, when, as they often do, they reach a town and head on in. However, for a change (it's been about 30 eps or so) they are shortly followed by Jigglypuff, who is obviously miffed at it's lack of appearances lately (It did used to show up in the Indigo League every 2 eps or so, it seemed).


The Igglybuff Twins Vs Jigglypuff! A Singing Pokemon Concert!

In the town, Togepi gets free and runs under a bush, to where some music is coming from. The gang find a girl teaching a pair of Igglybuff to dance. She introduces herself as Chihiro, and her Igglybuff - Pupurun and Pupuran. Insert the usual Brock hitting on the girl, Misty pulling him away by ear. Togepi has fun pulling on Igglybuff and watching them wibble/stretch. Evil sadist.

They are getting ready for a big concert (Chihiro's a singer, a pretty renowned one) and ask the gang if they want to watch a practice session of their song 'Summer Holiday Fan Club.' (Natsu-yasumi fan kurabu). The song takes forever to get into anything, though. I can't help but wonder what crap will replace this... crap, in the dub. For a famous singer, Chihiro sucks. Still, Pikachu and Togepi like it. Of course, the Rockets are spying on them. Jessie wants the Igglybuff, not Pikachu, but the others don't understand why. All shall be revealed as they plan something for the concert...

The practice ends and Ashco are impressed. However, during the adulation, Jigglypuff appears, sees the stage, and rushes to perform! Ash quickly grabs it's pen/mic and stashes it in his bag. Brock appeases Jigglypuff with some Pokemon food, but it quickly gets angry again at the attention the Igglybuff are getting, and when nobody is looking, beats them to a pulp. The little Pokemon start crying when Jigglypuff throws their neat little headbands on the floor and stamps on them. Misty comes over and Jigglypuff plays all innocent, claiming the wind knocked their headbands off and quickly replaces them. Misty cheers Jigglypuff on - gues she didn't learn anything from that Teddiursa business a while back.

At the concert, the Igglybuff twins are sporting nice new headbands - although Jigglypuff still takes time to kick them about again when nobody is looking. The event gets off to a great start, but Jigglypuff gets annoyed about not being the star. It then remembers where Ash hid it's mic, and rushes off to the cloak room to rummage through bags. In Misty's bag it gets a towel stuck on it's head (I originally though it was Misty's... uh, nevermind). In Brock's it finds some bread (and eats it), then finally finds it's pen in Ash's bag. Jigglypuff ushes out on stage, but before it can begin, 'IT'S SHOWTIME!' (I love Jessie's English)

It's Team Rocket (dressed as... oh, you'd have to see it)! On cue, they break out a rendition of 'Roketto Dan No Yien Ei' (it's been a few hundred eps)! So of course, expect that horrible dubbed version with the rolling along and stars of this cartoon and whatever. When they finish they get no love from the crowd, but soak up the adulation regardless. Of course, some annoyed audience member demands to know who they are - such a question usually prompts the TR motto in the Japanese version, and this is no exception (on this utterance Jessie and James are using incredibly high pitched voices for most of it, for some reason). Anyway, they want the Igglybuff, and start by attacking with Victreebel's Razor Leaf. That lasts about 6 seconds, as Ash calles out Phanpy to use Take Down on it. Misty joins in calling out Poliwhirl, but Jessie plays her trump card and (this must be like the second time ever willingly) CALLS OUT WOBBUFFET TO FIGHT! This proves to be amazingly effective as Wobbuffet quickly trounces Jigglypuff, Poliwhirl and Phanpy with it's Counter. Weezing lays down a Smokescreen and the Rockets depart, but not without their prize - the Igglybuff are gone! (there's an animation screw-up here which will be explained in a few scenes)

The gang quickly head out after the Rockets - but not before Ash convinces Brock to stay behind and put on a concert (or rather, Chihiro does...)

(Yes, the English, robotic, innane announcer in the Japanese eyecatches really does sound like that)

Igglybuff! (Shock)

Ash calls out Noctowl to go searching. Meanwhile, Brock entertains the crowds with a rendition of 'Takeshi's Paradise,' (one of the ending themes in Japan). Seeing how they handle this in the dub will be fun.

The Rockets celebrate their theft, aiming to take the Igglybuff to The Boss (oh yeah, he'll love those...). Jessie has greater plans though. James suggests a line of Igglybuff video games, anime shows and toys, but Jessie wants to be part of it too! Concerts, anime shows, video games, movies - she wants it all (Funny how Ashco are shown as the villain in the movie poster, hehe). However, when they open the bag, Jigglypuff is in it too! (Here's the animation screwup - earlier when Jigglypuff was knocked for six by Wobbuffet, it ran off and hid behind Chihiro. When the smokescreen is laid down and the Rockets ascend in their balloon, Jigglypuff is clearly visible stood behind Chihiro!)

Meanwhile, Brock entertains the crowds with a rendition of 'Takeshi's Paradise.' Again. The crowd are... confused. Noctowl finds the Rockets and leads the heroes to them, but on the way they find... Jigglypuff gagged and tied to a tree! Being nice guys, they free it. Noctowl grounds the Rocket's balloon quickly.

Meanwhile, an exhausted Brock entertains the crowds with a rendition of 'Takeshi's Paradise.' Again. The crowd are... annoyed.

The good guys confront Team Rocket, and quickly take care of Arbok and Victreebel with Totodile and Corsola (Totodile ducks a Vine Whip and Scratches Victreebel, Corsola gets Headbutted by Arbok but returns the favour with a Tackle). The Igglybuff are freed but Meowth bars their path, until Corsola Tackles him too. Chihiro calls her Igglybuff to fight, defeating Arbok and Victreebel in the most pathetic way (Charming them, then stunning them with Angel Kiss). Jigglypuff joins the fray, Doubleslapping the Rocket Pokemon all over the place, before a Thundrbolt from Pikachu and a Water Gun from Totodile finish off Team Rocket for this week. (Surprisingly, Pikachu let someone else finish off Team Rocket this week).

Meanwhile, an almost dead Brock entertains the crowds with a rendition of 'Takeshi's Paradise.' Again. The crowd are ready to riot as Brock collapses, but luckily the stars of the concert are back, and everything goes on as normal as Chihiro and her Pokemon begin 'Summer Holiday Fan Club' and the audience joins in too. But of course, Jigglypuff predictably shows up at the end and sings everyone to sleep, then draws on them (an entire stadium - that pen has a lot of ink). Even the narrator falls asleep in a nice touch.

JIKAI (Next episode): Slowpoke's Enlightenment! Ash's Enlightenment!

Oak's Pokemon Zukan: This week it's Gligar, who isn't well pleased with Oak touching it's wing, and gives him a nice dose of poison. Oak - so tough he should be a Rocket.

Oak's silly haiku for Gligar:

Kaze ni sasoware,

Roughly: 'Meanderingly soaring on the winds, Gligar.' Probably a pun on Glider, which makes some sense. Whatever it is, it's very weak compared to some of the earlier haiku which are excellent.

COMMENTS: A fun little episods, typical filler but at least Jigglypuff was back for the first time in ages. Of course, any episode where WOBBUFFET lays the smackdown is ok by me. The first half is the stronger of the two, although Brock constantly performing the same song in the second half is great. It's certainly better than the next episode...

This episode guide has been written by Jedah.

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