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Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?

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Master Quest
Japanese Title
Imposter Prof Oak!
English Title
Will the Real Oak Please Stand Up?
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Ash and his friends are on the way to their way to the gym in Mahogany Town, but have stopped to catch a bite of “gourmet food”; burgers! While enjoying their meals, they hear a familiar voice. It’s Professor Oak on DJ Mary’s show in Goldenrod City! After a poem from Oak about Starmie, the gang learn that DJ Mary and Professor Oak will be recording a live show the next day in Maroon Town, which is luckily only one town away.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, and Meowth have lost track of the twerps and are wandering the streets of Maroon Town tired and hungry. Collapsed on the floor, Meowth notices advertising the live recording of Professor Oak’s show. After reading further he finds that there will be free lunch buffet for the stars after the show, and so they quickly get into disguise. James appears as Professor Oak, Jessie as DJ Mary, and Meowth on top of Wobbuffet as a producer. Nurse Joy over hears them talking with each other in their disguises, and greets them. She thinks they’re the real deal, but is surprised they got there a day earlier than expected. Meowth the producer explains that the “professor” wanted to meet the loyal Pokémon fans of Maroon Town as soon as he could, and so Nurse Joy leads them to the stage. First on their agenda is to eat, and they send off Nurse Joy to look for even more food, after devouring the after-show buffet. Before Joy goes, she presents a group of kids to them, and asks if the professor will answer their questions. “Mary” says they should feel free to ask the professor anything, which worries James as he might not know the answers. Meowth says that he shouldn’t worry, as he has all the answers in a set of books.

The first kid asks “Oak” about the leak-thing Farfetch’d is always carrying. James stalls for time while Meowth tries to find the answer in the books, but it takes too long and he tries to fake it, and explains that Farfetch’d is carrying a hockey stick. The kids are impressed. The next question is “Why don’t electric attacks work against Quagsire”. Meowth finds the answer this time, and “Oak” is able to successfully explain. He is then bombarded by a series of other questions.

Soon a group of people with cameras arrive, and stare at “Mary”. One introduces himself as the president of the DJ Mary fan club, and they begin to take pictures of her after permission from the “producer”.

After a hard day’s work, Team Rocket relax in a hot spring under the stars and out of costume. They decide to keep up the act the next day too.

The next day, the real Professor Oak and Mary arrive, but Nurse Joy tells them that they are already there. The same group of kids then approaches the real Professor, and the boy says that he’s pretty sure it’s not a hockey stick that Farfetch’d holds. Oak explains that it’s the stem of a plant, and certainly not sporting goods. The kids then get angry that Oak had lied to them the day before, and suggest that the real Oak is actual a fake!

Just then, Ash and the gang arrive. Brock flirts with Mary but Misty pulls him away as usual. Nurse Joy asks them if they can identify the “professor”, “Mary” and “producer” who are eating at the breakfast table. Ash, as sharp as ever, wonders how the Professor can be two places at once. They confront the impostors, who insist they are the real people. Misty tells the two Oaks that they will have to have a contest to decide which of them is real. The real Oak agrees straight away, saying that is should be easy to win, but if for some reason he does lose, he will have learnt that he needs to do even more research. Reluctantly, James agrees too, and gets a hug from “Mary”. They decide that Nurse Joy will be the judge of the contest, as she is the only one who doesn’t know for sure who the real Oak is.

The contest of the show is hosted by the two Mary’s. It is decided that the first Oak to answer two questions correctly will be declared the real one. Nurse Joy begins to ask a question about the evolved form of Slowpoke, to which Professor A, the real Oak, quickly answers “Slowbro”, but to everyone’s surprise, is announced incorrect. Nurse Joy explains that the question was “What is the name of the psychic attack that Slowbro learns at level 46?”. Professor B is nervous, clearly not knowing the answer. “Mary” glares at him angrily, and he pushes the buzzer, shakily saying that he has amnesia. Nurse Joy awards him the point, thinking he knew the answer was Amnesia. The crowd cheers, and James decides to just keep guessing because luck appears to be on his side.

The next question involves identifying a Pokémon by the silhouette of one of its body parts. A strange shape appears on the screen, which James describes as looking like a mutant footprint. He, again, does not know the answer, and answers “Is it the hand of a Sudowoodo?”. Confident, Professor A explains it is clearly the tail of an Aipom, which it is, and he is awarded the point.

Nurse Joy is about the announce the last question, but Meowth as the producer comes on stage, and suggests they end it with a poetry contest, as that is one of things Professor Oak is famous for. The crowd loves the idea, as do the Oaks. James explains to Jessie that he was a champion poet in school.

Mary says that they will need a theme for the poem, and is about to ask the audience, when a familiar “Wobbuffet” is heard. Meowth claims that it was him making to the noise, and Nurse Joy decides that it will be the theme.

Professor B quickly gives his poem, which the crowd is impressed by. Professor B then gives his, which the crowd think is too deep. Oak tries to explain the logic behind it, but Jessie and James just mock him.

It is then time to announce the winner of the contest, and after a few moments of silence, Joy decides it has to be Professor A, much to Team Rocket’s surprise. Nurse Joy tells Professor B that his poem showed no understanding of Pokémon poetry, as Oak’s poems have the ability to reassure and relax people, therefore Professor A must be the real one. She says that James is an amateur and is wearing a bad wig, and James insists it cost him a fortune for the disguise. As they shout, Meowth and Wobbuffet are exposed, and Jessie and James knowing there’s no hope now, perform the motto.

After the motto, James releases Weezing, and orders it to perform a Smokescreen. They then escape in their Meowth balloon with all the food in a bag on the bottom. Ash gets ready to release a Pokémon, but Oak beats him to it, releasing a Pidgey that he caught on the way. He gets it to use a Quick Attack, which cuts off the bag of food, which Ash, Brock, and Pikachu catch. Oak then orders Pidgey to use Gust. Jessie, James, and Meowth don’t think the Pidgey could be a threat, and so just laugh at it, but they underestimate it, and are sent blasting off again.

After his success, Professor Oak gives another poem, this time about Pidgey, who rests on his arm. The kids come up to him again, this time apologising for thinking he was a fake, he forgives them, and they begin to talk with him about Pokémon.

Meanwhile, Jessie, James, Meowth, and Wobbuffet are hanging on to a branch, high above the ground, unable to get down. James announces that he’s thought of another poem, and as he recites it, the branch breaks, and they fall.

“Those little twerps don’t seem so tough, but we always end up blasting ooooooooofffffff!”

This episode guide has been written by Haitani.

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