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Entei at Your Own Risk

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Master Quest
Japanese Title
Entei and the evil spirits inside the hot spring!
English Title
Entei at Your Own Risk
This episode is essential viewing because:
Brock's Pineco evolves into Forretress.

AshCo are walking along in the woods, Larvitar still in Ash�s backpack, when Larvitar wakes up. Ash is very happy to see that it is awake. Pokémon! No time to question my moves�.

Ash makes a comment on how long Larvitar slept and Brock and Misty both agree. Upon hearing Brock and Misty speak, Larvitar turns to look at them and gets scared again. Ash yells at them for scaring it. He then picks Larvitar up and promises to protect it. Brock and Misty both tell Ash that he isn�t helping it by spoiling it, but Ash says that he likes how Larvitar has gotten attached to him and starts to cuddle it. Brock says that Ash has to help it get used to the world and Ash reluctantly agrees. Suddenly, an ursaring comes out from behind the bushes and fires a hyper beam at AshCo. AshCo all scream and run from it. Misty wonders why the ursaring is so angry with them.

They�re all breathless when they finally lose it. Larvitar jumps out of Ash�s arms and goes to a clearing in the forest. AshCo all come over to where Larvitar is and find that it is filled with hot springs. One of them has several pokémon resting in it. Ash wants to go in, too, but he accidentally trips an alarm when going up to one. A boy with a laptop arrives and says, �Entei, let�s battle!� Ash immediately starts to look around for Entei, but the boy notices AshCo and says that he accidentally detected them instead of an Entei. Misty asks if he means the legendary pokémon and the boy says that he does. He explains that he wants to catch it and he figures that it will show up here next. This impresses Ash and he says that the calculated area is pretty large, which is why he set up alarms everywhere. They all go through their introductions and we learn that the boy�s name is Nelson. The ursaring that chased them earlier shows up again, but it jumps into one of the springs and is suddenly calm. Nelson says that it�s due to the healing properties of the springs. Nelson walks off and Ash releases his pokémon so that they can enjoy the hot springs, too. Totodile is about to jump right in, but Ash tells it to stop so that it can introduce itself to Larvitar. Larvitar hides behind Ash�s leg, but Totodile pulls it out and starts to dance with it, freaking it out. Larvitar then crashes into Cyndaquil, scaring both of them. Phanpy walks up to it, making it even more nervous. Ash tells it that these pokémon wont hurt it, but that doesn�t make Larvitar any calmer. Bayleef picks it up and starts to rock it back and forth like a baby, but despite her good intentions, it gets even more nervous. Noctowl also flies up to it, and it then starts to screech again.

Everyone goes into one of the springs, but Larvitar is shy. Ash tells it that it doesn�t have to be afraid of them. It pats Larvitar on the head, making it happy. Misty releases all of her pokémon so that they can go in the spring also. Psyduck accidentally splashes Larvitar while it�s struggling in the water. It doesn�t like that too much and Ash remembers that it�s a rock type, and that rock types don�t like water. Mist drags Psyduck out of the water and Brock releases Pineco and Crobat, who join the others. Psyduck somehow ends up buried in the sand and Misty yells at it for its stupidity. Brock feels the sand and finds that it is warm. He also notices that Psyduck seems to be enjoying itself, so he releases Geodude and Onix. Onix is quick to bury itself, but before Geodude does the same, it pushes Larvitar in the sand. At first, Larvitar gives its typical reaction, but then decides that it likes it. The other pokémon get out of the springs and make a circle around it. Cyndaquil decides to have a little fun and makes a mud ball, which it promptly throws at Totodile. Totodile throws one back. Togepi, not wanting to be left out, makes its own mudball and throws it at Pikachu. Pikachu dodges, but unfortunately it hits Larvitar instead. Pikachu runs over to comfort it, but Togepi and Totodile find it quite amusing that they hit it. Pikachu gets mad at them, but before it can do anything about it, Larvitar starts to screech again.

JessieCo, who are spying in some nearby bushes, decide that they don�t really want Larvitar, because Jessie is already loud enough. She yells at them, but Meowth has a plan.

A truck with a picture of fruit pulls up in front of AshCo. A suspicious looking woman comes out and says, �Prepare for trouble, we don�t like defiance�. An equally familiar man comes out of the back of the truck and says, �And make it double, it�s all for science� �As researchers, we search for the truth in food and drink� �We�re here to say what we think� �What�s really important when you eat a treat, it�s not the flavor, but the time you eat�. They say that nothing�s more refreshing than a cold smoothie after a hot bath and Ash agrees with them. The man and woman say that they can test how good their smoothies are for free. Brock and Misty are suspicious, but Ash says that there can�t be a catch because it�s all free. He and all of his pokémon go into the back of the truck where the smoothies are, but then the truck doors slam behind them. The window opens and the man and woman turn out to be JessieCo in disguise. They drive off before Misty and Brock can do anything about it. Ash accuses them of being con artists, and is surprised to learn that they�re JessieCo. All of Ash�s pokémon tackle the back of the truck except for Larvitar, who just watches with a fascinated look on its face. Ash tells Pikachu to use thunderbolt, as the tackling doesn�t seem to be working, but it has no effect. Ash then orders Bayleef to use razor leaf and Cyndaquil to use flamethrower, but these attacks aren�t working either. Totodile then dances around to get Ash�s attention, then Ash decides to use the fire-cold water-razor leaf technique to break a hole in the back of the truck. Noctowl carries Phanpy and Cyndaquil out of the truck while Ash, Larvitar, Pikachu, and Totodile hold onto Bayleef. Bayleef uses vine whip to grab onto a nearby branch and pull them all out. Ash accidentally drops Larvitar, but luckily Larvitar is caught by a misdreavous. Ash thanks it and looks it up in his pokédex. Nelson then comes and explains that the Misdreavous belongs to him. He also says that Ash set off his alarm again. Misty and Brock also find Ash and Misty makes a comment on how cute Misdreavous is. Nelson says that it also has a secret attack that will help him capture Entei. Ash asks what it is, but Nelson wants to battle in order to show him. Ash accepts his challenge. Who�s that pokémon!? It�s Tyrogue!!

JessieCo are shocked to learn that Ash and his pokémon all escaped. Meowth says that on the bright side, they have 900 gallons of banana smoothies left, but that doesn�t help much.

Ash wonders what to use against Misdreavous, as it is a ghost type, but Phanpy volunteers. Misdreavous uses head-butt while Phanpy uses take down. Phanpy is just slightly stronger and sends Misdreavous flying. Misdreavous uses swift, but Phanpy simply defends itself with defense curl. Misdreavous uses psybeam, which Phanpy tries to dodge with rollout, but gets hit anyway. Phanpy is confused, so Nelson uses this opportunity to use his secret attack, mean look. Ash tries to recall Phanpy, as it is in no condition to battle, but it doesn�t work due to mean look�s effects. Nelson also explains that if it is used on a wild pokémon, the pokémon won�t run away. Suddenly a net comes down and grabs Misdreavous. Prepare for trouble with Misdreavous in a sack/ and make it double with that great mean look attack/ to protect the world from devastation/ to unit all peoples within our nation/ to denounce the evils of truth and love/ to extend our reach to the stars above/ mean look Jessie/ meaner look James/ Team Rocket blasts off, your secret�s been told/ surrender now or battle the brave and the bold/ *Meowth sighs* this is getting so old. The usual dialogue is exchanged, this time JessieCo plan to use mean look to capture Entei. They also use a giant vacuum to suck up all the pokémon, creating a watery cyclone while they�re at it. Onix is protecting all of Ash�s pokémon as well as Geodude and Psyduck. Staryu manages to escape the cyclone, but Pineco gets sucked up with all the wild pokémon. Brock jumps in the cyclone, hoping to rescue Pineco, but just gets stuck. Brock tries to grab it, but gets knocked further up by the ursaring they had met earlier. Suddenly, Pineco starts to glow, making filling the whole cyclone with light. The cyclone is destroyed and in the middle is a Forretress. Ash looks it up in the pokédex and Brock congratulates it. Ash then orders Bayleef to use razor leaf to free Misdreavous. JessieCo try to get their revenge by making an even more powerful cyclone, but end up trapping themselves in the cyclone instead. Concerned that the springs could be ruined, AshCo�s pokémon and all of the wild pokémon attack the cyclone together. It isn�t working. Nelson�s censor picks something else up. A huge flamethrower comes from the top of a mountain and destroys the cyclone, blasting JessieCo off. They land on top of the mountain. They then see a pokémon and beg for their lives, but the pokémon, Entei, is not in a very merciful mood and blasts them off even further with another flamethrower. Nelson sees Entei and challenges it to a battle. He starts off with a mean look, then swift. The swift doesn�t seem to affect Entei at all. Next is pysbeam, which doesn�t work either. Next is head-butt, but before the attack can connect, Entei uses roar attack to counter it and sends Misdreavous back in its pokéball. Entei just walks off. Nelson is a little disappointed, but AshCo say that he should challenge it again and maybe he�ll have better luck next time. I�m on a master quest! Pokémon!

Everyone is happy to see that Larvitar is comfortable with Ash�s pokémon, but it still seems to be afraid of Misty. The narrator gives his typical, �Ash is on his way� speech and the episode ends.

This episode guide has been written by KasumiMizuno.

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