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The Legend of Dratini

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
The Legend of Dratini
English Title
The Legend of Dratini
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash catches 30 Tauros.

The episode begins with the gang singing as they approach the Safari Zone they have been searching for for so long. This gets the attention of the warden, he greets them by threatening them with a gun! Once inside, Ash is given some Safari Balls and a fishing rod, while Misty looks at a picture of the wall. It looks like a younger version of the warden with a Dratini next to him. The warden snatches it from her, and hurries outside. The gang then decide to talk to Professor Oak, who tells them about the trouble the Safari Zone had had with visitors before. Meanwhile, Team Rocket have been listening, and they took now know about the Dratini, and so start to make their plans. Ash, Misty, and Brock are escorted to the large Safari Zone gates by the warden, and once inside, a familar voice is heard from above. It's Jessie, and Team Rocket then begin to recite their motto. Less than happy with this, the warden opens fire, narrowly missing them. James takes Jessie in his arms, and jumps off the gate, before releasing a parachute. This parachute comes too late however, and the trio crash hard into the ground. Getting to their feet, Team Rocket explain that they are not after Ash's Pikachu today, and he goes on his way.

Ash, Misty, and Brock come across a whole herd of Tauros, Brock takes one of Ash's Safari Balls, and they both catch a Tauros. Later, they find a Ryhorn, but Ash waits too long to catch it, and the Pokémon begins to walk away. Quickly Ash throws a Safari Ball at it, but the Tauros herd runs past, and he catches another.

Jessie is watching this, and we discover that she and James have the warden at gunpoint, demanding to know the location of Dratini, but he refuses to tell. They then try a variety of methods to pursuade him to tell, including flirting, and a "good cop - bad cop" routine. Finally, they try a tickling machine, and the warden agrees to tell them.

It's now Misty's turn to catch a Pokémon, and using her "Misty Special" lure, she begins to fish. Soon, a Pokémon bites, and Ash and Brock help her reel it in. To their surprise, she has hooked a Gyarados, which then breaks free and swims away. The warden then approaches them, still in the tickling machine. Ash orders Pikachu to attack it, freeing the warden. He is then able to tell them the location of the Dratini, so they can stop Team Rocket.

James and Meowth have put on diving suits, and are in a large lake searching for a Dratini, while Jessie remains on land communicating with them via radio. Shortly, a Dratini appears on the surface, and Jessie slowly tries to coax it closer. It starts to move towards her, as she crouches down on the pipe supplying James' and Meowth's air supply. The Pokémon is almost in grabbing distance, when James and Meowth surface, desperate for air, scaring Dratini away. After they are shouted at by Jessie, Ash, Misty, Brock, and the warden arrive. Team Rocket unveil plan B, which is to drop a bomb into the lake, and blow all the Pokémon to the surface. Jessie throws the bomb into the lake, and the warden dives in after it. Ash, Misty, and Brock don't think the warden will make it, so they send Ash and Staryu. When he catches up with the warden, Ash sends him back with Staryu, and continues to the bottom alone. He reaches the bomb, picks it up, and heads for the surface. Unfortunately, he runs out of air, and drifts unconscious back to the bottom. When it seems like all hope is lost, the weather becomes stormy, and a dark shape swims towards Ash. The water begins to swirl, and the people on land see a large beam shoot up, and a shape rise with it. It's a Dragonair with Ash on it's back, conscious again! Ash "returns" the bomb to Team Rocket, and they go blasting off again. The warden approaches the Dragonair, and notices a mark on its horn like that on the spot of the Dratini he used to know. It had evolved! The Dratini Jessie saw swam up next to it. It was its baby!

After saying their goodbyes, Ash, Misty, and Brock continue on their journey, the Dratini and the Dragonair watching as they walk away.

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The Legend of Dratini Trivia:

 This episode was banned outside of Japan because of the use of profanity and firearms.

 This episode was dubbed into English but has still never been aired.

 The banning of this episode created a huge plot hole, since Ash appeared to gain 30 Tauros out of nowhere.

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dandoc2 on Wed 02 Apr 2008 18:31:19 UTC.
Where can i see this episode ?
ryan bryer on Thu 09 Jul 2009 01:23:39 UTC.
I've seen it before, lots of bad singing at the beginning.
N64Dude on Sun 02 Nov 2014 21:11:58 UTC.
WHERE profanity?

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