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March of the Exeggutor Squad

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Exeggutor Squad Big March!
English Title
March of the Exeggutor Squad
Spanish Title
¡La marcha del escuadrón Exeggutor!
French Title
Un Pokémon tout n'oeuf
Italian Title
Il mago Melvin
German Title
Angriff der Kokowei
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This episode is essential viewing because:
Ash's Charmander evolves into Charmeleon.

Ash and Co. reaches a small town while a carnival is being held. Ash and Brock get into party mode and join the crowd, while Pikachu and Misty run off to and get on some rides. When they use all the rides, they think about what do next while eating some ice cream they bought. They hear a woman yelling at someone. The two find a woman yelling at a magician-looking man with an Exeggcute for not paying her. She leaves, and Misty and Pikachu rush up to him and ask if he�s okay.Melvin, the Magician, introduces himself and begs Misty of her assistance for the show. He�s always dreamt of getting an act in Las Vegas, but always screws up in his acts. Misty doesn�t exactly go with the plan at first, but then agrees to help him for a day.

Later on, the show begins with Misty dressed up in a Goldeen-like outfit. Melvin begins the show with a juggling act, starring his Exeggcute eggs as the juggling-balls. With little applause, he moves on to the next trick, which is making fire come out of his wand. The mini-flamethrower goes wild and burns the audience, as well as sets off sprinklers. Drenched, the audience throws trash at the poor man, demand their money back, and then finally leave the magic show. Ash and Brock happened to be in the audience, and noticed Misty. They meet her next to Melvin and the manager of the carnival. He heard about the disaster at the show, and fires Melvin. Ash tries to cheer Melvin up by telling him that he can get the job back and gain his dreams of becoming a famous Las Vegas magician by coming up with new ideas. Melvin goes with the plan by creating a bouquet of flowers pop out of his wand, but they wilt away and fall out. Ash makes his own trick by making water, fire, and leaves come out of his box. As Misty ponders about how Ash did the trick, we find out that Squirtle, Charmander, and Bulbasaur were in the box using Water Gun, Flamethrower, and Razor Leaf.

Ash comments on how Exeggcute doesn't seem capable of doing much. Exeggcute gets angry and their eyes start to glow. Melvin asks everyone to stop, and Ash complies. Melvin, understanding what just happened, tells Ash to turn around three times and act like a Bulbasaur, which he does. Brock comments on how odd Ash is acting, and Melvin smiles. In a few minutes, Melvin has Ash pulling him and Exeggcute in a cart deep into Leaf Forest. Team Rocket watches them from above. Meowth asks what they plan to do, and Jessie replies that they'll see. Misty and Brock hurry along the path, following the tracks. Brock again wonders why Ash is acting so strangely and it occurs to Misty that he's under a spell from Exeggcute's Hypnosis attack.

Soon, Melvin tells Ash to stop and use his Pokédex on some Pokémon in the trees. They turn out to be Exeggutor. Melvin commands him to weaken them, and as he does so, Melvin catches all of them. Soon, the cart is full of Pokéballs. After Melvin has enough, he tells Ash to return his Pokémon. Melvin tells himself that with all the Exeggutor, he can hypnotize everyone at the carnival into coming to his show.

Team Rocket shows up, and do a rather elaborate motto with a disappearing cabinet and everything. Melvin applauds, but Team Rocket only demands that he hand over the Exeggutor so they can use their hypnotic powers. Exeggcute jumps out of the cart and confronts Team Rocket. They gather together and start to glow. They then merge together and evolve into another Exeggutor. He then uses Hypnosis to put Team Rocket asleep. They try to look away, but all the other Exeggutor are doing it too. Soon, they slump over, fast asleep.

Melvin tells the Exeggutor to stop using Hypnosis, but it is too late and they've all hypnotized each other. Melvin tells them all the situation and informs them that they are out of his power.

Back at the carnival, the Exeggutor stampede through, causing panic and destruction. Ash and his friends arrive and look over the damage. The manager runs up to them and tells them to clear out, as he has planted a time bomb in the middle of the area to blow up the Exeggutor when they come back. Misty is horrified and tells him that the Exeggutor aren't acting under their own power. They are already rapidly approaching as the manager runs off. Ash decides that he'll have to stop them.

Ash confronts the still running Exeggutor and sends out Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur. Squirtle's Water Gun makes the feel better and Bulbasaur's Razor Leaf only gives their leaves a pruning. Since they won't be able to help, he returns them and tells Charmander that it's all up to him. He uses it again and again, but there are still several more stampeding Exeggutor when he gets tired. Misty tells Melvin to use his fire trick again, but he is hesitant. Misty points to Charmander and tells him that if he was able to go that far, Melvin should at least try. With the help of Charmander, who has recovered, they stop all of the Exeggutor and Team Rocket. They all then retreat towards the forest with Team Rocket stuck in among all of them.

Melvin's Exeggutor approaches and he gives him a hug. The time bomb goes off behind them, but they are relieved that no one was hurt. Charmander breaths a sigh of relief, but Charmander�s story isn�t over yet. Charmader soon evolves into a Charmeleon! Ash gives him a hug, and is soon followed by the beginning of a 64-episode problem between Ash and Charmeleon and/or Charizard. Later in the day, Melvin is comforted by Ash�s words of never given up. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is trapped in the running herd of Exeggcutor. Will they get out?

This episode guide has been written by EarthBoundIX.

March of the Exeggutor Squad Trivia:

 This is the last time in more than 100 episodes in which the English title is a direct translation of the Japanese title.
 The Japanese version explained that the Forest is full of the radiation of Leaf Stones buried underground - possibly explaining why Melvin's Exeggcute evolved without a Leaf Stone.

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