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Delcatty Got Your Tongue

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Advanced Challenge
Japanese Title
Skitty and Delcatty!
English Title
Delcatty Got Your Tongue
Ash and co are walking down a path towards Verdanturf town. They come to a worksite, and Ash and co fall down a hole. The two people at the worksite look down the hole and guess who they are? Team Rocket! James tries to grab Pikachu with a net, but Ash and co grab on, leaving Ash and co back on the path.

Jesse is angry, so she sends out Seviper and James sends out Cacnea. Cancnea jumps onto James and hugs him. Ash sends out Torkoal and Seviper uses bite, but Torkoal blocks it with iron defence. Torkoal uses flamethrower and blasts out Seviper. James orders Cacnea to use pin missle and it hits Torkoal. May sends out Skitty and May orders it to use double slap, but Seviper knocks it down by attacking it first. Skitty lands on top of Torkoal, and Torkoal lets out smoke, making Skitty cough. Jesse orders Seviper to use wrap but Brock sends out Mudkip and it uses water gun, sending Seviper in to the rest of Team Rocket, and they go blasting off again!

Ash, Max and Brock run to May and Skitty, Torkoal apologises but May says it wasn’t its fault. Torkoal starts crying. Ash asks Max which is the closest town, Max looks at his Poke’nav and sees Foothill town. May wants to go there.

Ash and co ask a woman about where the Poke'mon centre is, she says that they don’t have a Poke'mon centre but they have a Poke'mon clinic. The gang make there way to the Poke'mon Clinic and go in, they see a lady leaving with an Aron.

A woman comes out and introduces herself as Doctor Abbey. Brock runs over to her and tries to flirt. Max pulls him away. May tells Abbey about her Skitty and Abbey looks at Skitty. Abbey gives Skitty a massage.

Skitty is back up and has got its voice back. Brock tries to flirt again but is pulled away again by Max. Abbey gives Skitty back to May. Ash finds a picture of Abbey with a Skitty in a Ribbon cup. Abbey won it at the Grand Festival. May looks into a magazine and sees Doctor Abbey. May is so pleased. Abbey shows May her ribbons, she has seven. She also shows May her Trophy. (FLASHBACK) We now see Abbey’s Skitty juggling with her tail. Abbey gets a 30/30. Abbey’s Skitty also did great in the battle.

Abbey made her way to Verdenturf town and Abbey and Skitty get challenged by a man and his Flygon. Her Skitty is knocked off a cliff. Abbey picked up her Skitty and ran. She found a Poke'mon clinic ran by a man named Dotor Moss. Dr Moss treated her Skitty and then her Skitty was ok. She also mentioned that she nick named her Skitty Johnny. Abbey asked Dr Moss to train Abbey. One night, Dr Moss gave Abbey a moon stone and Abbey evolved Johnny into a Delcatty. Soon she had her own Poke'mon Clinic (END OF FLASHBACK).

May thinks it was cool. Johnny walks in and May checks her Poke’dex on Johnny. Delcatty’s information comes up. Team Rocket are outside watching the clinic, they want to steal Skitty and Delcatty.Meowth thinks of Giovani. Jesse also wants to steal them!

Skitty is chasing its tail. Abbey throws a ball at Skitty and Skitty hits it with its tail. It starts to juggle. It throws them back to Abbey. May gives it a try twice. Two people and a Mewoth come in and ask if Abbey can look at Meowth. Abbey gives Meowth a massage. The two people look at Skitty andJohnny. Meowth is happy and starts talking. Ash, Abbey and everyone else is surprised as Team Rocket do their motto. Jesse sends out Seviper and it uses haze. When everything cleans up, Team Rocket, Skitty and Johnny are gone. Everyone sees the balloon and chases Team Rocket.

Johnny tries to get out by hitting the sides of the balloon. It doesn’t work so Johnny uses Solarbeam and the balloon pops, leaving Johhny hopping away, with Skitty on its back. Jesse sends out Seviper and James sends out Cacnea. Ash is about to send out Treecko but Abbey stops him and tells Johnny to go! Jesse orders Seviper to use bite and Abbey orders Johnnyto dodge it. Jesse asks Seviper to use wrap but again it misses. Jesse orders Seviper to use poison tail but still it misses because Johnny uses Safeguard.

Max says “The legendary coordinator strikes again”!

Johnny uses thunderbolt and it strikes Seviper. Cacnea uses needle arm but Johnny uses Solarbeam and blasts it away. Ash is shocked at the strength of Johnny. Seviper uses poison tail and Cacnea uses needle arm. In anger, May throws Skitty at Cacnea and tells it to use tackle. It hits but Seviper hits Skitty with poison tail. Abbey tells May to try using Blizzard and as Skitty tries, on the second time, it succeds, and then Abbey and May form together and scream “DOUBLE BLIZZARD!” Pikachu uses Thunder bolt, sending Team Rocket blasting off again!

Ash compliments Johnny and May says that she will use Skitty in her next contest! Brock says that he wants to be like Abbey and she was a great example for him. Everyone else agree. May says that the day was cool, and she throws Skitty up into the air!

This episode guide has been written by Water Master.

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