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Showdown at Dark City

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Showdown! Pokémon Gym!
English Title
Showdown at Dark City
Spanish Title
Enfrentamiento en Ciudad Tenebrosa
French Title
Italian Title
German Title
Duell in Dark City
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Ash and the others come to Dark City. Strangely, no one is around. A kid runs out in the street, but his mom pulls him inside, saying there might be Pokémon trainers around. Why would she be afraid of Pokémon trainers? Suddenly, someone starts throwing rocks at them! Pikachu shocks them and it turns out to be three kids on a roof. They tell them to leave, because they're Pokémon trainers. A man walks over to them and says he doesn't want any trouble. He takes them to his restaurant.

He tells them that the city has two gyms, the Yas gym and the Kas gym. They're having a gang war and will hire any trainers to fight for them. On the other side of the room, there is a weird person in disguise. Ash tells Pikachu to put ketchup on his food, but Pikachu goes a bit crazy and covers it with ketchup. Ash tries to stop him as the man tells them about how the best gym will become an official gym.

It's a fight outside! The leader of the Yas gym sends Scyther, and the leader of the Kas gym sends Electabuzz. People run for their lives. The man tells Ash and the others to hide. Pikachu is hugging the ketchup bottle. Then, Meowth enter the restaurant, along with Jessie and James, all dressed in the Kas gym uniforms! The guy says he can't give them any food, because the Kas gym hasn't paid their bill in two years. Them man says he doesn't want any trouble. Jessie and James say their lines (its now that everyone realizes its them).

They send Arbok and Weezing. The weird person is still there. Ash: "Go Pikachu!" Misty: "Go Starmie!" Brock: "Go Vulpix!" Ash and Misty: "Vulpix?!" Vulpix: "VUL!" It breathes a huge blast of flame that send Team Rocket flying out of the building. The guy thanks them.

A girl from the Yas gym comes in. Brock goes into a trance. She says they're very good and asks if they'll fight for the Yas gym. She asks frot their names. Misty says to Ash that they shouldn't give their real names, it could ruin their reputations. Ash looks down at Pikachu, who is eating the ketchup. He says his name is Tom Ato. Misty is Anne Chovie, and Brock is Caesar Salad. The girl says Yas is worthy of becoming a gym. Brock says they'll help her.

She takes them to the Yas gym. They find the man with the Scyther there. Suddenly he has the Scyther attack them! Pikachu had been eatng the ketchup and Scyther slashes at it, getting it all over its eyes! It gets very upset and sees eerything in red. It starts attacking the man, but he brings it back. He says he's never seen it so frightened. Pikachu holds up the broken ketchup bottle, looking very upset.

The man says he wants Yas to be an official gym to make money. Ash says he won't help them and the man says if he won't join them, then he's the enemy, and all the Pokemon start attacking him! Misty and Brock get him out and they all leave. Misty wonders how they got off so easily with that Scyther. Ash remembers the ketchup hitting its eyes. There might be a way to beat them!

They have a plan. Yas and Kas are going to fight again. Ash, Misty, Brock and the townspeople set up barrels and lightning rods. Kas says they will win and Yas says they will. They start fighting. The barrels are let go, dropping red stuff all over the two gym leaders! Scyther and Electabuzz can't see and start attacking them. After a while, Brock asks if they've had enough. Misty says they have. Ash sends Bulbasaur who dumps more red stuff on Electabuzz and Scyther. They look at each other for a moment, then jump, only to hit each other and pass out. The two leaders decide to join together, only to destroy those kids on the roof!

Ash has Pikachu use Thunder, it goes to the lightning rods and shocks all the gym people. They start to run, but someone says to hold it! It's the weird person from the retaurant. They hold out a official Pokemon League Inspecter Pokeball! They send the Pokemon, which turns out to be a nurse Chansey. It's Nurse Joy! Brock goes into a trance. Joy asks how they can expect to become gyms if they use their Pokemon for street fighting? But she says they get another chance. She says Ash can help them start over.

Ash tells them about how you have to be kind to Pokemon, but when fighting, you have to try your best to win, but you don't want to actually beat the other person, well, he doesnt really know what he's trying to say. He says they have to fix everything they broke. They say thank you Tom Atoe, and Ash wishes he had thought of a better name.

They start rebuilding the town. The three boys from the begining said they did great and they want to become Pokemon trainers. They ask Pikachu for its autograph. Ash says it's only right, Pikachu is the star. They leave. Ash says those kids really appreciate him. Then they say they'll miss Pikachu and Ash falls down.

We see Team Rocket, who were also covered with ketchup. Scyther and Electabuzz see, and you can guess what happens next.

This episode guide has been written by flik.

Showdown at Dark City Trivia:

 Pikachu is revealed to have a huge fondness for ketchup.

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