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The Song of Jigglypuff

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Sing! Jigglypuff!
English Title
The Song of Jigglypuff
Dutch Title
Het lied van Jigglypuff
Spanish Title
La canción de Jigglypuff
French Title
Une jolie berceuse
Italian Title
Sulle ali di una canzone
German Title
Pummeluff´s Song
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This episode is essential viewing because:
A wild Jigglypuff begins to follow Ash around.

Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu find themselves in a vast desert, looking for some town Brock was talking about. It's already gotten dark. Then they see it! It's a big city, with lots of lights and looks like a Pokémon version of Las Vegas. Neon Town. Brock says it's always open, 24 hours a day! Some guy bumps into Ash and gets mad at him. Ash says he bumped into him and Brock says Ash better apologize. Ash and the guy get really mad, but then Officer Jenny comes and tells them to break it up. She says they shouldn't be out at night. They should get a hotel, because people around there can be prety bad-tempered, because they never get any sleep! Misty says that this Jenny sounds a bit edgy too.

Team Rocket is there, too. The guy who bumped into Ash bumps into James, James gets mad and the guy starts beating him up. Jessie bumps into a BIG woman, who beats her up.

Ash, Misty and Brock come out of a hotel the next morning. A whole bunch of people are up and mad at each other. When do they ever sleep?

They go to a forest, where it's much more quiet. Suddenly, a Jigglypuff hops onto a tree stump in a clearing. Misty says she's always wanted one. Ash says he thought she only like water Pokémon, but she says she wants this one, too. She tries sending Staryu, but Psyduck comes instead! She yells at it and puts it back into its Pokeball and sends Staryu. It uses Double-Edge and hits Jigglypuff, who is knocked against a tree. It falls to the ground and starts crying. Brock says it's a very strange Jigglypuff. Misty says Jigglypuff can sing and are really cute. She asks it to sing, but it looks mad. It won't. Brock says it probably can't sing!

Ash says that was why it didn't attack. Misty says she's sorry for attacking it. It hugs her. She says who would want a Jigglypuff that cant sing? It cries again. Ash says they'll help it learn how to sing!

Team Rocket is watching them. They want to use the Jigglypuff to put everyone in Neon Town to sleep so they can take whatever they want. They take out these weird costumes and get out microphones. Ash and the others see them. Some speakers start playing music and Team Rocket starts singing. They say that they're tired of their motto, so the'yre trying a song. Misty asks what their crummy plan is, and they say how they're going to use Jigglypuff to sing everyone in Neon Town to sleep.

Ash sends Bulbasaur and James tell Weezing to use a Poison Gas attack. Before it can, Bulbasaur spins it around with Vine Whip, so it uses it on Team Rocket. Misty uses Staryu to get rid of them.

Misty sings a 'Do, Re, Mi' scale for Jigglypuff and tells it to do the same. She says you have to control your breathing when you sing. Ash says she has a good singing voice. Pikachu tries singing and Ash says he did well. Jigglypuff gets upset. It goes over and kicks Pikachu. Misty inflates a balloon and tells Jigglypuff to do this so its lungs can get stronger. Ash says it doesn't seem to want to. Misty puts the balloon in Jigglypuff's mouth and it inflates Jigglypuff, who lets go and goes flying!

Brock takes them to a tree covered with fruit. He says that the juice of this fruit can help make your throat feel better and may help Jigglypuff to sing. It takes a bite, then it starts singing. Pikachu jumps up and down and Jigglypuff kicks it again. Misty asks Jigglypuff to sing. Pikachu seems upset or something and they aks what's wrong. Misty asks Jigglypuff to sing again and it does. It sounds really pretty, and cute. Team Rocket comes, with the brilliant idea to just record Jigglypuff's singing!

Everyone has fallen asleep! Jigglypuff stops to see this and gets angry, puffing itself up a bit. It goes to Ash's back pack and gets out some black markers. It then proceeds to draw all over their faces! It finds Team Rocket asleep. It tries hitting them to get them to wake up, but they won't. It then draw all their faces.

Ash, Misty and Brock wake up and freak out when they see the marker lines. They rub it off. Jigglypuff is mad. Misty says it was probably because they feel asleep while it was singing. She says she's sorry. Brock says there might be some Pokémon who might not fall asleep.

They all do. Jigglypuff gets angry again. Brock says it must have really strong singing. Misty then gets the idea for it to try singing to Psyduck! It's too dense to know whether it should be awake or sleeping. They try and Ash, Brock, Misty and Pikachu fall asleep, but Psyduck seems to be awake. Jigglypuff is still angry, though. Misty pokes Psyduck, who falls over. It fell asleep with its eyes open!

Team Rocket wakes up and rubs the marker off their faces. They check to see if they recorded Jigglypuff's singing. But all they recorded was them snoring!

Jigglypuff is very upset. Misty says it must be frustrating to have such a good voice when no one can hear it! Brock has an idea. The people at Neon Town might be able to listen, since they never seem to sleep. This makes Team Rocket happy, since it's exactly what they wanted to do. With enemies like this, who needs friends?

Misty wonders where Jigglypuff should sing. Ash suggests an outdoor stage. They ask, but there isn't anything like that around. A truck pulls up next to them and someone who is obviously Jessie in a disguise says, in an Australian accent, they can use their stage. The side of the truck opens, revealing it. Jigglypuff can sing from the stage.

Team Rocket says that now everyone will be put to sleep! They put ear plugs in, so they won't.

Lights turn on on the stage and a bunch of people stop to look. Jigglypuff starts singing. Everyone in the city hears and they all fall asleep. Even Team Rocket, whose ears were apparently not plugged enough.

Jigglypuff gets mad and puffs up. Then it gets out the black marker! It then proceeds to draw on the face of everyone in the town!

Everyone wakes up the next day. But where is Jigglypuff? Ash and the others look to see a bunch of people apologizing to each other. Brock says that maybe Jigglypuff's singing not only puts you to sleep, but you wake up feeling happier and nicer! The guy who bumped into Ash apologizes to him. Misty calls for Jigglypuff, but it's gone. Team Rocket leaves the city with big, goofy looking smiles on their faces.

Ash says everyone looks so happy. Misty isn't, though. She wanted to catch that Jigglypuff! Ash says maybe it went to find someone who could listen to it sing. They leave. Then Jigglypuff comes and runs after them.

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