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The Purr-fect Hero

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
It's Children's Day! All Members Gather!
English Title
The Purr-fect Hero
Spanish Title
El perfecto héroe
French Title
Un héros au poil
Italian Title
Impevedibile eroe alla riscossa
German Title
Katzenjammer und Heldengeschichten
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Ash and his friends are still on their way to Cinnabar Island. They come to a small town, where three Pokemon windcatchers, a Horsea, a Magikarp and a Gyarados are on a pole. Brock and Ash says that today is Kid's Day. Misty says that she wishes they could play all day like they could as children. Ash says he can't play because he needs to get more badges. Brock says Misty got her Princess Festival, so Kid's Day should be Boy's Day and be just for guys!

Then a lady walks up to them, saying that the kids have been expecting them. Brock, seeing that she's a pretty lady, says hi and introduces himself. There's a beeping and she answers her phone, which looks like a Chansey. After talking with the other person, who can't make it for something, she hangs up, upset. Ash asks what's the matter. The lady says that some Pokémon trainers were supposed to come so the children could play with their Pokémon, but now they can't make it. Ash says that they're trainers. They follow the lady.

Team Rocket is watching. James says he always loved Kid's Day. He would get to stay home from school and swim in his olympic sized swimming pool and eat all the ice cream sandwiches he wanted. Jessie is surprised that he had all that stuff and James is surprised that everyone else didn't. Jessie gets mad, saying that she had to go to school and the only sandwiches she ate were baloney ones with one slice! James thinks that's terrible. Meowth says a pathethic childhood can create a pathetic person, and Jessie hits him.

The lady takes Ash and the others to a playground behind a school, where there are lots of little kids. They all run over to Pikachu and start pulling at it and it starts to get mad. Ash grabs it before it can shock the kids, but gets shocked himself. The kids try to get Pikachu from Ash and the lady tells them to treat Pokémon gently. Then she screams for them to be quiet, gettting all scary looking and looming over them. The kids says that they want to see some Pokémon! Ash, Brock and Misty all send out all their Pokémon, but Ash doesn't send Charizard. The kids and the Pokémon all start playing.

Ash says it looks like the Pokémon are having a blast. Brock writes that it's important for a breeder to remember that it's good for Pokémon to play and relax. Ash notices one little boy standing by himself. The lady says that's Timmy. Ash asks what's wrong. Brock says that he doesn't have to be afraid of the Pokémon. Timmy says that the only Pokémon he wants to meet is a Meowth! Misty asks why. Timmy tells them about how one day he was playing in the woods and got attacked by a Beedrill, when suddenly a Meowth came and beat up the Beedrill. Then it ran away.

Misty asks if the Meowth said anything and Timmy says no, Pokémon can't talk. Brock says it was probably a wild Meowth, but it's unusual that one would do something like that. Timmy says he wants to meet that Meowth. Three other kids, a boy and two girls, come over. They say that Timmy is lying about the Meowth and that no Meowth could do what it did. They start arguing.

Just then, a weird looking truck with pictures of cards, tops hats and magician stuff pulls up to the playground. Two people, who are obviously Jessie and James in disguise, say that their special Pokémon Magic Show will be free for Kid's Day and that they can make Pokémon disappear. Inside the truck, Meowth is in a box and peeks out, wondering if this plan will work. James closes the box, threatening to cut Meowth in half.

Jessie and James are on a stage with a box between them. Jessie is dressed in the usual magicians outfit and James is wearing a frilly pink dress. Jessie and James say that the box is empty, but when a Pokémon is put inside, something mysterious will happen. Jessie asks if there is a Pikachu in the house. James takes Ash's and put it in the box. They close the box, count to 3, and then Meowth jumps out of the box. The kids cheer.

Jessie and James say the shows over and start to leave. Ash tells them to wait, where's Pikachu? Jessie and James take off the costumes. They start to say their motto, but all the little kids start pulling on them. They tell them to be quiet and try to finish their motto, but then they start tossing Weezing around! The lady shouts at them, telling them to stop. James has Weezing use Smokescreen. Ash wants to know where Pikachu is. After a fadeout suddenly Pikachu comes running back, but now the lady can't find Timmy.

Out in the woods somewhere, Team Rocket is happy to have caught Pikachu, but Timmy comes out instead and starts crying. Jessie tries to get him to stop. James sees that Pikachu is gone! Timmy sees Meowth and says about how it had saved him from the Beedrill and that Meowth is a hero! Meowth is about to say that he has the wrong Meowth, but Jessie and James stop him and drag him off. They says that the kid thinks Meowth is the wild Meowth who saved him. They say that destroying a little kid's dreams is not what Team Rocket does. Meowth likes the idea of being a hero and imagines himself being really popular. He says he'll do it. Jessie reminds Meowth to keep his mouth shut.

Timmy wonder where the Meowth went. Jessie and James go back out and start threatening Timmy. Meowth jumps out in front of Timmy and Jessie and James say that that Meowth can't defend him and they'll get him. Timmy tells Meowth to use Fury Swipes, like he did on the Beedrill. Meowth does and Jessie and James think his acting is a bit too good. The kid cheers.

At the school, Ash suggests that they split up to find Timmy. The lady tells the other kids to go inside. She does that yelling thing when they don't and they laugh and go inside. Then Timmy and Meowth arrive. Brock wonders how Timmy found that same Meowth. The others think it looks a lot like the one from Team Rocket. The other kids apologize to Timmy for not believing him. They ask if they can play with Meowth and they start petting him and stuff. Timmy says they all love Meowth. Meowth accidently says "Thats right!" Everyone figures out that its Meowth from Team Rocket. Meowth gets worried and runs away with Timmy chasing him.

Meowth runs behind some rocks, where Jessie and James already are. Ash and the others follow, but find it's a dead end. Jessie says its a trap. They start to say their motto. They hit Meowth when he starts to say something. All the kids crowd around the bottom of the boulder they're on and Jessie and James try to make them go away. They say its time for a Pokémon battle, and send Arbok and Weezing! Ash sends Pidgeotto and Brock sends Onix. Weezing uses Smog, but Pidgeotto Gusts it away. There's a hole in the ground and Arbok is gone. It jumps out of the ground, aiming for Pidgeotto, but Onix hits it before it can. It accidentally shakes a big boulder lose and it starts rolling down at everyone!

Everyone runs, but Timmy trips and Ash goes back for him. Meowth says its too late! Suddenly, another Meowth jumps through the air, kicking the boulder and spliting it in half. Jessie and James are rolling on a rock and Meowth (the TR one) runs as it rolls towards him. The other Meowth grooms itself while sitting on a rock.

Back at the school the lady thanks Ash and the others. Brock says she can call him for help anytime. Timmy says he'll be a trainer, just like Ash. He and Meowth will get into the Pokémon League. The Meowth is on the roof of the school. They say goodbye and leave.

Team Rocket is also leaving. Jessie says it's too bad Meowth couldn't be a hero. He says the kids would have driven him nuts and besides, Jessie and James needed him. James says to dream on and Meowth always has a good plan. Well, except for right now.

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The Purr-fect Hero Trivia:

 Ash and Brock battle together against Jessie and James - the first example of a double battle in the anime, although they did not officially exist until Gen III.

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