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Bad To The Bone

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Indigo League
Japanese Title
Marowak's Bone Club
English Title
Bad To The Bone
Spanish Title
Malo hasta la médula
French Title
Tombés sur un os
Italian Title
Le Medaglie rubate
German Title
Böse bis auf die Knochen
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Ash and the others are still in Pallet. Ash hasnt done much training, and wonder what he should do. Theyre going to go ask Prof. Oak for some advice. Misty says he should just quit and save himself some embarassment. Brock tells Oak that they were planning on training a lot, but theyve gotten sidetracked too much. When Ash asks Oak, he says that Ash should just quit, because its too late now! But if he wants to try, he might as well go ahead. Later, at Ashs house, everyone is getting ready to leave. Mrs. Ketchum gives Ash his backpack. So, they says goodbye, and leave.

Brock looks at a map, and says this is a short cut to the Indigo Plateau. Suddenly, a dark shape runs by! Ash wonders what it was, and it drops down between them! Its a weird looking guy with his hair up in a spiky ponytail, and wearing some weird outfit. He says to forgive him, but he was testing them. He asks if theyre going to the Pokémon League. Ash asks what if they are? The guy says his name is Otoshi (Otashi?) and he challenges Ash to a Pokémon battle before he goes to the Pokémon League! Ash accepts. Otoshi adds that whoever loses will have to hand over their badges to the other! Misty tels Ash he shouldnt risk it.

Ash says to forget it, and Otoshi says that if Ash is afraid to fight him now, what chance does he have in the Pokémon League? Will he lose the badges now or later? Ash accepts, and Brock asks what will he do if he loses? Ash says hell win! Otoshi sends a Marowak, and Ash sends Bulbasaur! Brock says to be careful, Marowak is bad to the bone! Bulbasaur uses Tackle, but Marowak dodges. Bulbasaur uses Vine Whip, but Marowak uses Focus energy and then Bone Club, blocking the vines! It runs at Bulbasaur and hits it. Bulbasaur faints! (Duh, its a Grass.Poison type! Should have sent Squirtle)

Ash brings Bulbasaur back, and sends Pikachu! Marowak tries to hit Pikachu, but he dodges. Then ever-omnipotent Pikachu zaps Marowak, defeating it in one hit. (HOW?! Its a Ground type!!!) Ash wins! Otoshi says he cant believe it, Marowak was his strongest Pokémon! But he has no badges to give Ash. Ash says Otoshi acted like he had badges so he could get Ashs! Otoshi says he can explain. His were taken from him! Flashback!

Otoshi says that he and Marowak had gone from Gym to Gym, and never lost! (Why is it that when the Marshbadge appears, you see Marowak fighting a Hitmonlee? SINCE WHEN DOES SABRINA USE A HITMONLEE?!) They got eight badges, and were on their way to the Indigo Plateau. All their hard work has paid off! But as they were walking, he and Marowak saw a bunch of fruit in their way. They were so hungry from battling, that they ran over to taste it. But it was a trap, and they fell into a pit! Jessie, James and Meowth come, and take the bag that had his badges! They ran away. Otoshi says that all their hard work was for nothing!

Misty wonders who stole the badges. Otoshi says that they were stolen by a talking Meowth! Misty says that is must have been Team Rocket. Otoshi is upset because he has no badges, and cant get into the Pokémon League. Ash says theyll get them back for him! Misty says that they might miss the beginning of the Pokémon League Tournaments. Ash says they have to get them back! He worked hard to get his won badges. Ash remembers getting all his. Ash knows he would feel bad if his were stolen.

In the forest somewhere, James and Meowth are by the balloon, laughing. Meowth says that guy was a sucker! James says he never knew getting badges would be so easy. He asks to see the badges again, and Meowth goes to look for the box. But theyre missing! Meowth asks where Jessie is. James says that she said she was going to go shopping, and left with a square package wrapped in a green cloth. Meowth says that she stole the badges they stole! Then we see Jessie walking along the trail, carrying the box, saying shes going to enter the Pokémon League with the badges! Then she can rpove shes the best, most glamorous trainer! She imagines herself standing in the arena, and says that shell have thousands of fans, and will become a solo superstar! She laughs.

Ash has Pidgeotto fly overhead to try and spot Team Rocket. Misty says it looks like it spotted something, and they follow it. They see the Meowth balloon start to fly away. Meowth syas that theyve found them! Ash has Pidgeotto pop the baloon, and it falls back to the ground. Otoshi says to reutrn the badges! James says they cant. Meowth says Otoshi isnt the only victim. James says they were robbed! Meowth says hes being truthful for once! Misty says she has a way to see if theyre telling the truth.

They spread all the Team Rockets belongings on the ground. There is a lot of stuff, all of it junk. No badges, though. James says that the junk has sentimental value! Togepi jumps up and down cutely. Meowth says that Jessie took the badges. And Marowak looks pretty mad, and starts waving its bone club around, and hitting the ground. Otoshi asks whats wrong, Meowth says that Marowak says it doesnt want Otoshi to be its trainer! Otoshi asks if this is true. Meowth says yeah. Marowak says it was willing to put up with the hard training, because it was dreaming of joining the Pokémon League. But days before the tournaments, this happens! All that work was for nothing! So they should just say goodbye. Otoshi says not to go, and tries to put his hand on Marowaks shoulder, but Marowak hits it away! Marowak leaves! Otoshi says the tournaments were so close. Meowth says he can always buy tickets. Otoshi says its all Meowths fault, and strangles him. Ash and Meowth both say something about finding Jessie, because she has the badges.

Then we see Jessie, walking down the path, wearing a weird gypsy-like outfit. She says that in this disguise, no one will recognize her! She comes to a guy sitting on the path, saying something about the badges hes earned. Jessei says hello, and they show each other their badges. Otherhead, James and Meowth are looking around in the balloon. Meowth asks if James is sure thats Jessie. He says hes positive! Theyre both worn lots of different disguises, but Jessie always had a certain style. On the ground, Jessie tells the guy to look over there, and he does, and shes about to take his badges, when a bomb rolls between them and explodes!

Smoke comes from the bomb, and James appears, and starts saying the motto. Jessie also starts saying it, out of habit, I guess. =) As they say it, Jessie takes off the disguise. The guy runs when he sees its Team Rocket. Jessie realizes her mistake. She says she was so close! Theyve ruined her plans! Meowth says that she cant steal from them! James says shes a disgrace to Team Rocket! She takes that statement pretty badly, and gets upset. Meowth says that they can be more rotten as a team, not as individuals! Just then, Ash shouts to hold it! He and the others run over. Misty says to give back the badges! Jessie says she will, after a Pokémon battle! Otoshi says he will battle! Jessie sends Arbok, and Otoshi sends Doduo!

Meanwhile, Marowak is walking through the forest, and comes upon several people and their Pokémon, training. A guy and his Nidoran M are, um, trying to jump up and down. A girl is throwing a ball for her Chansey to catch, and a guy is training with his Hitmonlee. Marowak remembers when he was training with Otoshi. He remembers that they had a lot of good times together, and starts to get teary eyed. It runs back, realizing its made a mistake.

In the battle, Arbok attack Doduo! And then Doduos two heads start fighting each other! Arbok Wraps it, and Jessie says she wins! She says shell take his Doduo, too, and throws a Poké Ball. But Marowaks bone club spins through the air, knocking it away! Otoshi is happy to see Marowak back, and brings his Doduo back. Arbok is about to use Double Edge on Marowak, and Marowak uses Focus Energy. Then it uses Bone Club, hitting Arbok! Then it uses Bonemerang, defeating Arbok! James sends his Weezing. But then Pikachu shocks Arbok and Weezing. (That mouse gets on my nerves sometimes. Hes too slagging powerful!) Team Rocket runs away.

They try ot get away in their balloon. Marowak throws its bone club at the balloon, and it explodes, and the box with Otoshis badges falls out. And Team Rocket blasts off again. Otoshi asks Marowak if it will battle with him in the Pokémon League. It nods. Ash says hes glad he stopped to help them. Brock says that even though they might be late for the tournaments, he did the right thing. They find that theyre almost at Indigo Plateau, and start running to get their sooner.

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 This episode was banned in South Korea.

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