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News archive for January 2008 :: News
10th Movie English Name Annonced!
The 10th Movie will be known as The Rise of Darkrai outside of Japan! It has also been annonced that the movie shall air on Cartoon Network America in March, so a DVD Release (Or even a UK Airing!) can't be far off!
Online Pokemon Center Store To Close!
Farewell to lovely merchandise in America...
Happy Birthday Jeroen!
Joeno, PKMN.NET administrator and smiling enthusiast, is 23 years old today. So lets all wish him a Happy Birthday!
Coro Coro to Reveal new Pokemon!
Shaymin, or something we've never seen before?
Something Different Coming This Saturday?
Different you say? UPDATE: We know what (underwhelming) change it is.
Ranger Sequel Announced!
CoroCoro reveals the sequel game to Pokémon Ranger!
PKMN.NET is Eight
Incredibly, today marks PKMN.NET's eighth birthday - to celebrate, we've lined up eight articles by eight different authors about eight different PKMN.NET related topics. Spotting a pattern?
Diamond & Pearl Anime in the UK!
After 6 months since the games were released, the Diamond & Pearl anime will finally air in the UK on Cartoon Network Too! Mark you calenders for 5:00pm on the 4th February! Thanks goes to 4chords for letting us know!
Happy 2008 for everyone!
Another year has come and gone, and for PKMN.NET, it has been a strange but wonderful year.
Anime News!
The 9th Film's Success, a new end theme and Ash fanservice? UPDATE 01/01 The 10th Movie's Box Office Performence!