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News archive for October 2002 :: News
5th Mini-Movie Update
Very soon you can own the mini-movie from the 5th movie...
Ruby/Sapphire in Europe!
After a search, we have uncovered some evidence that, contrary to what has been rumoured by some, Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire will be released in Europe
UPDATED: From Johto to Houen
Updated, 2nd November. Three new Japanise episode titles have been released. The final Johto one and the first two Advance Generations. It has also been revealed that Ash is going to get an R/S Pokemon!
Good news for GMTV viewers
Get ready for another two Up on the Roof specials...that actually feature an episode of Pokemon!
UPDATED: Bad news for Sky viewers
Updated 26th October. There's to be no episodes at all on Sky One this weekend.
Togepi's Great Adventure
The new Pokémon Mini game - Togepi's Great Adventure has been released.
WORLD EXCLUSIVE: GBA2's existence virtually confirmed
We have considerable evidence to believe that the next Game Boy exists. If you see this news anywhere else, they got it from us.
UPDATED: We're a bunch of liars
UPDATED! It seems that Daniel forgot to tell me this was only a rumour when I posted it, and didn't tell me all day. Anyway, click in if you want to see what we thought was true, but is not in the realms of the dubious.
Oak and Earl absent from RS?
Oak and Earl will probably not feature in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire.
Pokémon Live cancelled for good!
Might be some, might be all, click for more.
Pokémon 4 Ever breaks box office record
The cinema's background music may have been broken after an Arkansas cinema fell on the CD. Only joking. Click more for some really exciting news, though.
Complete Misty's departure confirmation!
Haruka, confirmed with new pics!
More amazing RS News
The Pokémon on the RS box seems to have a massive story related purpose, and loads more shocking news.UPDATED WITH LOADS OF PICTURES
Japanese Pokémon 5 DVD
Just as America get the forth movie, the Japanese are getting the 5th on DVD. Click for more.
Shocking Animé Revelations
The mist has cleared and now only the truth about Misty's position in the animé remains. Click the link to find out her future.
Pokémon 4 Ever is Out!
The movie is released, and here are the details.. AMAZING UPDATE!!!!
Pokémon 3's UK TV Premier
Sky Premier, as the title suggests, will be Premiering the third Pokémon film on the 13th October.
Up on the Roof special next Sunday!
AR has discovered that on Sunday 13th October 2002 there will be an Up on the Roof special on GMTV. Its breaking with tradition- its actually showing Pokémon!
RS Boxes revealed; Two more Pokémon appear!
The new Pokémon games, Ruby and Sapphire's Japanese boxes have been revealed. Not very interesting on its own, but two new Pokémon have been revealed because of it.
Sky One to show Master Quest 30 mins earlier
In a shock discovery, Daniel has found out that series 5 of Pokémon, "Master Quest" will be shown at 8am!
Major news: RS not to link upto GSC?
It looks as if Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire- the next generation of Pokémon games will not link up to previous Pokémon games.
Mini movies to be cut for English movies?
Its being speculated that the Pikachu mini movie in the next Pokémon film, Pokémon 4 Ever will not be included into the English dub.