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News archive for October 2005 :: News
Hunt for Deoxys: PUK were there!
PUK's Psythor and Typhlosion were both at the Deoxys event in Leicester yesterday, and here's what they have to say about it.
First 'Ranger' Details Emerge
IGN, the internet company now owned by Rupert Murdoch have got some information on the movie tie-in "Pokémon Ranger" game for the Nintendo DS.
Watch to Win on Sky One
This half term, Sky One are running a Pokémon competition just to show they're not too bitter about Toonami getting the new episodes.
UK Toonami to show new Pokémon
Starting from Monday at 5pm, UK satellite channel Toonami will be showing new episodes of Pokémon from the "Advanced Battle" 8th series. It'll be repeated at 7:30pm on the same day, too. The interesting thing is, they've got these before Sky One have- are Sky One no longer interested in Pokémon?