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News archive for November 2003 :: News
Japanese Colosseum Bonus disk surprise!
Japanese fans who preordered Pokémon Colosseum, the sequel to Pokémon Stadium are getting a very interesting surprise if they've ordered from one source.
6th Movie Japanese release date
The 6th Pokémon Movie's short film will be out in Japan on Friday and will be bundled with an episode- click for more.
TCG Tournaments in Britain- there's one today!
Three new UK Trading Card Game tournaments are being held in December (and one today!)- find out all the details by clicking "read more".
Colosseum to support E-cards
Pokémon Colosseum, the Gamecube sequel to Pokémon Stadium will have some special e-cards to use with it. Click for more.
Pokémon Heroes American DVD Details
Full details on the American Pokémon Heroes DVD release have been discovered.
Pinball RS out in Europe today!
Pokémon Pinball RS, the sequel to Pokémon Pinball, is out today across Europe. Experts predict the game will sell sell like "cake".
Pokémon Heroes up for Oscar nomination
The most recent Pokémon movie to hit America has been submitted for an Oscar!
PUK in Pokémon World Magazine!
We're proud to announce that the very website you're reading now is featured as "Weedle's Wicked Website" in this month's Pokémon World Magazine.
US Colosseum date announced.
Pokémon Colosseum on the Gamecube will be out in America on March 22nd. This is the game that aside from battling, features an interesting 3D RPG mode. More as we get it.
Pokémon Centre NY's Second Birthday!
The Pokémon Centre store in New York is two years old- to celebrate this, the staff there are having a pseudo-party to celebrate, and anyone who goes into the store can join in. It's happening today!