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News archive for November 2005 :: News
New Ranger/Mysterious Dungeon pictures!
A Japanese magazine, presumably Famitsu or Corocoro has some new screenshots from Pokémon Ranger and Pokémon Mysterious Dungeon.
Major Bug found in Pokémon Dungeon!
Nintendo have found a massive bug in their latest Japanese games!
4Kids to launch TV channel in the UK
The company that distribute Pokémon in the west, 4Kids Entertainment, are launching a kids TV channel in Britain early next year. We'd put money on them showing Pokémon at some point. More details will be available "in the coming weeks".
Mysterious Dungeon lookin' good!
Japanese games magazine Famitsu, who are one of the most trusted magazines going, have reviewed the Mysterious Dungeon games- giving them both 35/40- that's pretty damn good!
Dutch Deoxys promotion
You can find a voucher to get your own Deoxys in the Dutch Jetix magazine!