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News archive for December 2002 :: News
Up On The Roof and sleep for 2003
Up On The Roof is on at a brand new time starting 5th January 2003. Plus some details on the Sky One schedule.
American Ruby/Sapphire boxes changed!
Released on March 17th in the USA, the boxes that were revealed as the American face of Ruby and Sapphire have been changed slightly. Click for more.
Pokémon RS drops in the charts!
After five weeks at number one in the Japanese sales charts, Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the latest games in the Pokémon saga have gone down.
6th movie trailer released.
PUK has got its hands on the trailer for the 6th Pokémon movie, and consequently has put it on an English language site for you to see. Click the more button to watch.
First RS TCG Cards revealed
Whilst Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire still seem miles away from ever being in the hands of a British player, the Japanese are preparing for TCG cards of the new monsters.
Lack of RS day and night confirmed.
PUK has proved that, unless we are stupid, there is no day or night in Ruby or Sapphire. Visually, at least.
Turkey get Pokémon back!
Three years ago, Pokémon was banned from being shown on Turkish TV.
Macy Day Parade Data
Pokémon were out in force to celebrate the American thanks giving- to which, PUK says thanks to the hard working Pokémon of America.
Yet another British channel to broadcast Pokemon
Brand new entertainment channel, Sky One Mix, has Pokemon as part of it's line-up.
Sky One to show Master Quest ANOTHER 30 mins earlier
Series 5 of Pokemon, "Master Quest", is now on even earlier, as of December 14th - 7.30am!
Pokémon 4Ever DVD Details
Special features revealed! Bonus short included!
5th movie DVD data.
Details regarding the Japanese edition of the 5th Pokémon movie, "The Guardians of the Water City".
New E-Card set revealed
A french site has discovered the name and logo of the next Pokémon e-card that will be released.