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News archive for February 2005 :: News
Pokémon themed DS game cases out in Japan
We're more excited than Michael Jackson in a playground- a Japanese company have released some Japanese DS game cases with Pokémon on them for the Japanese market.
Pokemon Chronicles go straight to DVD!
According to Water Master, are stocking the first volume of "Pokemon Chronicles", rumoured to be the elusive Hoso series, for an amazing £9.99 including delivery! Remember, you saw it here first.UPDATE: Lapras King tells us Amazon are stocking for £9.74, and state May 23rd as the release date!
Diamond/Pearl coming to Japan this year!
Apparently, the Nintendo DS incarnations of Pokémon- Diamond and Pearl, will be released in Japan sometime this November- that's only a month after Europeans finally get their hands on Pokémon Emerald in October. Click "Read More" to read what we reported when D/P were first revealed.
PUK couple have baby!
Two people who met on the PUK forums have had a child together- Clo and Luke now have a baby girl!
New Pokemon Confirmed and Movie 8 Info!
The latest version of Japanese magazine Corocoro has revealed another new Pokemon! NOW UPDATED!
Three snippits of news!
* Nintendo patent an acronym!
* Pokémon Center NY shutting down!
* Possible name for new Gamecube game!
Pikachu themed GBA SP on the way...
...for the Japanese Pokémon Center visitors anyway. Click "Read More" to take a look something you'll probably never own!
Emerald Boxart Revealed!
The official English Boxart for Pokemon Emerald has been revealed, and it really isn't predictable.