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News archive for March 2011 :: News
Dream World: Event Eeveelutions Now Available
Want to get one of the special Eeveelutions? Play the fun game available here to reserve one before Dream World opens for buisness!
Pokemon Movies coming to Blu-Ray!
Missed the whole HD-DVD boat.
Dreamworld: Delayed Due To Quake
Annoyed that the Global Link has been Japanese only so far? No worries! It opens for buisness for the rest of us on March 30th Birthday Togekisses all around!

UPDATE: Global Link's debut outside Japan has been postponed due to the quake. Sadface.

Black and White break Pokémon launch records!
Simon Cowell makes sure of it.
Movie 13 DVD the UK!
Skipping 11th and 12th completely.
Black and White Released in Europe!
Celebrate with us Europe - Black and White are available to buy right now!
Movie 14 Trailer appears online!
The official Japanese site has posted a trailer for the upcoming Victini movies! Click here to see images!
English Translations for New Abilities and Attacks Leaked!
English translations are now available for Generation V moves and abilities. Interested? Check out Dex.