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News archive for April 2004 :: News
EXCLUSIVE: Susan goes Live at the Colosseum!
PUK's new favourite member Susan went to the Netherlands "Live at the Colosseum" event today- she's very kindly written us a report and got us some fantastic pictures!
U.S lands a Space Pokemon Event!
From May 29th until June 6th of this very year, Space Center Houston on the U.S.A is hosting yet another big Pokemon Event, known as the Pokemon Space Party!
Classic Pokémon on Toonami UK
The first mainly animé channel for the UK has aquired the rights to show Season 1 of Pokémon.
Advanced DVDs details
More details and cover artwork have been discovered for the upcoming American Pokémon Advanced DVDs.
Battlemaster 2004 Round One Today!
The first round of the British Pokémon Colosseum Battlemaster 2004 takes place today- get down to your local Toys 'R' Us today! Click more for locations and Typhlosions story.
Happy Birthday Steffan!
PUK's very own Iceduck is 19 today- now he's a proper adult and theres no excuses for committing crime. Click more for more Steffan!
Pokémon Animé coming to the GBA!
Majesco's new technology, Game Boy Advance Video allows video upto 45 minutes in length to be played on the GBA- without any extra hardware. Now you can watch Pokémon on the go.
Pokémon Box coming to the stars catalogue
Pokémon Box was only thought to be available with the Pokémon Colosseum Mega-Pak- which if you already own a Gamecube, isn't much use. Now there's another way.
This news is to big, it deserves all the capitals. Nintendo are promoting the fourthcoming UK launch of Colosseum with a big tournament. Click for more!
Netherlands Colosseum Event!
Nintendo are holding an event with "Fox Kids Magazine" to plug Colosseum- attendees get a Jirachi for RS! Updated
7th Movie Japanese Release Date
According Ksmiler, whose name suggests he is the happiest person alive, the 7th (!) Pokémon film will be out in Japan on the 17th July.
UPDATED: Latest Pokémon DVD news!
Not one, but TWO DVD's of Pokémon Advanced are set for release this July! Update 4/4 - In addition we now have more details of the Jirachi Wish Maker DVD features!
Fire Red Leaf Green American Release date!
Word on the street is that FRLG will be released in America during September in the States, including the Wireless Adaptor! Everywhere else will have to wait and cry.
We made some people believe that a GSC remake has been announced! We're more cunning than Dr Who! Hehe.
Holy Miltank! E-Reader back on EU release lists
According to saBA, the E-reader has been put back on European release lists, scheduled for the super vague "Quarter 4 2004". Still, good news if it does come out though. A year or so after America.