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News archive for April 2005 :: News
Pokémon Battle Event
Some time ago, we reported about the Pokémon Battle Event that would be held in the clog-wearing nation of the Netherlands. A date for it has now been set.
Pokémon Trivia final at the Space Needle!
On April 30th at the Space Needle in Seattle it's the final of the "Pokémon Emerald Frontier Battle Brain" competition- that's "Pokémon trivia quiz" to you and me.
Three Shadows Unshadowed! (and something else)
Remember those three shadows? Click "Read More" to discover their identities! Oh, and something else.
Pokemon DS Coming To Japan!
To celebrate the opening of the Japanese PokePark, Nintendo are releasing a special Pokemon look DS!
Pokémon "Casewraps" coming soon!
A new official range of stickers to cover your Gamecube, GBA SP and Nintendo DS with will be out in America and presumably America Jr (Canada) soon. They're Pokémon themed, hence why we're telling you about them.
New Pokémon Revealed!
The new issue of the Japanese CoroCoro has revealed another new Pokémon that will be in the fourthcoming Pokémon Diamond and Pearl games. Unfortunately, it's only a shadow. MAJOR UPDATE! MAJOR NEW DETAILS!