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News archive for April 2006 :: News
Vote for your most wanted Pokémon
To celebrate Pokémon's tenth anniversary, Nintendo of Europe are letting you vote on the Pokémon that you most need... which will presumably lead to a tour or something.
Wii, oh Wii, does Nintendo give its new console a rubbish name?
Nintendo have stood in a rather large farmer's pat, and have renamed the dynamic and exciting sounding "Revolution", to the "Wii". Pronounced "Wee", as in the noise you might make whilst free-wheeling down a hill on a bicyle.
Dub Names Revealed!
Three new dub names have been reveald, additionally they don't stray too far from their Japanese counterparts.
New Pokémon mobile phone "thing" announced
SquareEnix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series, are releasing a Pokémon-themed mobile phone messaging client.
April Fools!
Earlier we reported that Celebi was newly available in Pokémon Emerald. Unfortunately, April Fools!