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News archive for May 2004 :: News
More Advanced to come to DVD
Amazon are listing three more American release dates for three more volumes of Pokémon Advanced DVDs.
Colosseum boosts Gamecube sales
According to a Nintendo press release, Pokémon Colosseum's release increased Gamecube sales by 80% in the UK. It also tells us that three million copies of Ruby and Sapphire were sold in Europe last year. That's loads.
More Gonbe details turn up!
Jelmer has alerted me to some new details involving the recently revealed Pokémon, "Gonbe". We're still investigating the authenticity of the name, although it looks likely.
CONFIRMED FRLG European release date!
According to Planet Gamecube, Fire Red and Leaf Green will be released in Europe on October 1st- the 47th anniversary of Britons getting an "Asian flu" vaccine. Now confirmed by NOE!
The 7th Pokémon film's Japanese website has revealed a new Pokémon- that looks rather a lot like a baby Snorlax. Click "Read More" for a high quality picture!
Colosseum out in Europe!
Pokémon Colosseum has finally reached the shores of fortress Europe, PUK should have loads more soon, when my copy arrives. Click here to buy it!
Jirachi: Wish Maker cover revealed.
The online "Pokémon Center" shop has revealed the exciting cover to the new English-dubbed Pokémon film.
Nintendo DS spec, realistic Zelda, other E3 stuff announced!
We know this isn't really Pokémon news, but its related, and it is AMAZING.
Psythor goes to Battlemaster 2004 Final!
Yesterday Psythor attended the Grand Final of Pokémon Colosseum Battlemaster 2004 in London- and what a Grand Final it was! Get a full report by clicking "read more".