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News archive for June 2004 :: News
Pokémon Emerald Soon?
CONFIRMED!The latest issue of Japanese magazine "Pokémon Wonderland" has a Rayquaza on the front with the Pokémon Emerald logo. New details- click "read more" to find out!
Master Quest coming to DVD
Fans worried about Master Quest being skipped on DVD need no longer worry. Read on for more.
Some tenuous Animé news
Warning, there's some spoilers in this, and admittedly, the last thing we'd like to do is the spoil the plot of something. The film the Usual Suspects? It was all the police chiefs dream in the end.
Berry Glitch Fix for UK, as well as a special gift!
Nintendo are kinding fixing the Berry Glitch for residents of the UK who aren't fortunate enough to have a Gamecube to do it for them, free of charge!
Some 4th generation Pokémon details
Word on the street is that the next issue of the Japanese CoroCoro magazine will feature some details on the future of Pokémon.
Pokémon Box coming to America
Pokémon Box, the storage 'em up for Gamecube is finally getting a release in the United States- and it's happening really, really, really, really, soon. Seriously, by the time you're reading this, it probably happend centuries ago.
4Kids reflects on Pokémon's success
In a press release 4Kids entertaintment has shown how well Pokémon has done over the past year in America and also given some news on it's future.
Psythor's birthday
Once a year, there is a day that is (or at least should be) special to all visitors of this site. That day has come.
Pokémon to return to GMTV!
GMTV will start airing Pokémon as part of Up On The Roof again from this Sunday at 8.25am.