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News archive for June 2005 :: News
Missing kid wanted his Pokémon cards
An eleven year old boy who was missing for fours days in the Utah wilderness (that probably means only one Starbucks per square mile), has been found, and there's a very vague link to Pokémon in this story.
4Kids do a deal with Cartoon Network UK
Cartoon Network UK, who operate the Toonami channel on Sky TV and cable will be showing some more Pokémon episodes.
Japan to get Pokemon XD Gamecube Pack!
Japan Gamecube-less Pokemon fans will have smiles on their faces this Summer, when Nintendo release a brand-spanking new Pokemon XD Gamecube Pack!
New English D/P Name Revealed!
16bit tells us that Usohachii, the pre-evolution of Sudowoodo, has been given an English name of... Bonsly! Erm, yeah. Source:
Pokemon Heroes (finally) released in UK!
The fifth Pokemon Film, Pokemon Heroes, has finally been released in the UK! That's only 752 days/18,048 hours/1,082,880 minutes after the Yanks! Fancy buying it? Click here!
Pokémon Shifts 100million units
Pokémon is Nintendo's second biggest franchise (after Mario) and has recently surpassed over 100,000,000 units sold- six million of which are FRLG! (Donkey Kong and Zelda are the third and fourth biggest franchises).
James O'Malley's eighteenth birthday!
The second day of June marks a special day in this site's history, for it is the birthday of its founder.