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News archive for July 2003 :: News
Ruby and Sapphire straight to UK Number 1 and 2.
Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire have already made the top 2 spots in the UK best selling games this week, less than a week after their European release.
Sky to finish Master Quest next weekend.
Rather unbelieveably, Sky One will be showing four new episodes of Pokémon on the Weekend starting 2nd August, finishing up the Master Quest Series. Also featuring: trivial news! Updated!
No E-Card with Ruby/Sapphire for Europeans
It looks like European Pokémon fans do not get an E-Card for use with the E-Reader with European Ruby and Sapphire.
Channel gets a US Date
Pokémon Channel, the schedule 'em up featuring Pikachu and a TV channel will be out in America before the end of the year.
Finally the day everyone has been waiting for has arrived- Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, the third generation of Pokémon games have arrived in Europe- with an unexpectedly large advertising campaign.
7th Movie Revealed
At the end of movie 6, set to be released in Japan soon, there is an advert for Pokemon 7.
Sky to stop Season 5 again
It appears Sky is not showing a new episode of Pokémon: Master Quest on 27th July.
Pokemon Live 2003: A bit more info
The official site is up and some activities from the tour are revealed.
2nd Orange Island DVD for US!
Finally, a date for the 2nd volume of the Orange Islands!
New Pokémon Colosseum Screens
New screens reveal how to catch the unobtainable Pokémon in Ruby and Sapphire.
Eon Ticket US Tour 2
Bring your Gameboy Advance and either Ruby or Sapphire to your local Toys R Us on these days and unlock either Latios/Latias!
Colosseum delayed in America
We all knew it was too good to be true- America will be getting the next game in the Stadium series after Japan, after all. UPDATED!
More Channel details turn up!
More information about the forthcoming Pokémon Channel: Together with Pikachu game have turned up, and are certainly very interesting.