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News archive for July 2004 :: News
Mewtwo Returns DVD for the UK?
Lapras King is telling us that Amazon has the TV Special "Mewtwo Returns" listed as a DVD for sale for the first time! I know we complain about getting everything after America, but Amazon state the release date as January 1st, 2020! Let's hope it changes. Click here to pre-order!
LOADS more Emerald Screenshots and Info!
We've been scouring all possible sources, and found what must be next to all the Emerald Screenshots there are! And we've even be kind enough to explain it all as well.
British FRLG Box art revealed!
We've got pictures of what the boxes to fourthcoming remake, Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green will look like on the shelves of British stores.
More Emerald Details!
Japanese Magazine Corocoro has supplied more information about Pokemon Emerald!
Pokemon set to Rock America!
A massive Pokemon event is set to take place in America, coinciding with the Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships!