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News archive for August 2002 :: News
E-Card Update
Release dates all round....
Pokémon on GMTV - UPDATED 31/08
Bad news for fans of Pokémon who can only watch it on GMTV.
UPDATED 31/08: Pokémon on GMTV2 details!
Pokémon Comic Strip
Pokémon maybe not be in the news much anymore, but it's gonna be in the papers...
Updated with a revelation.
Sky One and Master Quest
Sky release some info on the 5th season of the anime, but still not quite enough.
New legendary?!
A new Pokémon has been revealed that going on looks, fills the criteria to be a legendary Pokémon in Ruby and Sapphire.
First english E-Reader set revealed!
Expedition is the first TCG set to take advantage of storing data for the GBA e-readere in the cards.
E-Reader launch September for America
American fans can get their hands on this Game Boy Advance add-on in September.
UPDATED: Exact date and price!
RS Item news!
Iceduck has found out some more detailed information regarding Pokémon contests and held items in Ruby and Sapphire.
Pokémon on GMTV2
The Up on the Roof presented, Jamie Rickers tells PUK forums very own, AR that Pokémon: The Johto Journies will be shown on ITV2 in the future.
RS: Pokémon Contests, Battle News!
In Ruby and Sapphire your Pokémon will have to be even more multi-talented- and careful than before. Amazing new details within.
Pichu Bros game revealed
It looks as if Pichu Bros Party Panic is not a Gamecube game afterall, now that we have details on a Pokémon Mini adventure starring them.
R/S Update
A few more facts uncovered..
Orange Island DVD's
Don't let them float away...
Weather effects virtually confirmed!
Ruby and Sapphire are going to be very interesting!