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News archive for August 2004 :: News
English FRLG Island Names Revelealed!
The early release of FRLG in New York has given us the names of the nine extra islands that wern't in the the original RBY. Updated!
Happy Birthday Mike!
Typhlosion of PUK is 15 years old today- that's only two years to go until he can legally own a crossbow!
New Yorker's to get FRLG early!
The Pokémon Center in New York will be selling the remake of the original Pokémon games a few days earlier than everyone else.
Official UK Pokémon magazine coming in October!
According to the latest issue of Nintendo Official Magazine (UK), on 1st October, an Official UK Pokémon Magazine will be available in the UK. We don't know anything more yet though, other than that it will feature a "make your own model Charmander". More as we get it.
More Pokémon Episodes coming to the GBA!
Four more Pokémon episodes are being realised on GBA video- the carts contain two episodes each, and appear to be more of a "best of" than a "complete collection".
Even More Emerald Stuff!
The Official Japanese Site has even more screenshots and information about the upcoming sequel to Ruby and Sapphire!
Pokémon Plush Dolls Recalled
The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission (or USCPSC for long) has issued a notice recalling some Pokémon merchandise sold at Pokémon Center NY.
GSC Pokémon to feature in Emerald
Jelmer has uncovered some more details about some cool stuff to do with the new Pokémon Emerald game, that'll be out in Japan "soon".
UK Season 7 start date
The seventh season of the Pokémon anime is to begin on Sky One in early September - possibly before the US.