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News archive for August 2005 :: News
Happy Birthday Mickey!
PUK admin Typhlosion is sixteen years old today and we wish him a very Happy Birthday indeed!
Puzzle Challenge returning to the GBA
Game Boy Color puzzle game, Pokémon Puzzle Challenge is being re-released for the Game Boy Advance- in a double pack with Dr Mario!
First "Mysterious Dungeon" Screenshots!
The first screenshots from the two Pokémon "Mysterious Dungeon" games for DS and GBA have emerged.
Nintendo's Official UK Magazine has confirmed tour dates to give UKians a chance to download a Deoxys-giving Aurora Ticket!
Possible Pokémon XD Europe release date?
UK high-street retailer "GAME" have November 18th listed on their website as the UK release date for the Pokémon Colosseum sequel, Pokémon XD- just in time for Christmas. If this is true, presumably it'll be the same date for the rest of Europe too! (Thanks to Lapras King for this.)
New Pokémon Tour!
... For Americans. You know where to find the rest.
New DS Pokémon games revealed!
The ever-brilliant Jelmer has sent us some scans and details on some new Pokémon games that have been revealed in the new issue of Japanese magazine CoroCoro. These arn't quite what we've all been wating for (Diamond and Pearl), although it's still exciting stuff!
Pokémon Emerald European Release Date!
Thanks to Dan, we now know that have confirmed Pokémon Emerald will hit European stores on 21st October! That's only 77 days away!