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Up On The Roof Axed! :: News
Reported by Psythor on Fri 15 Oct 2004 18:23:39 UTC
Last updated by Psythor on Fri 15 Oct 2004 18:23:39 UTC
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The home of GMTV Pokemon has been axed from our screens! Updated.

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Lugia0087 has e-mailed to tell me that he contacted Jamie Rickers, the host of Up on the Roof, and he said that Pokémon won't be on GMTV (on ITV1) for the rest of the year, but there is a possibility of a return next year- presumably any broadcasts that currently occur on ITV2 will continue.

GMTV's weekend morning show has been showing Pokemon for as long as anyone can remember, and has been a saviour for those unlucky enough to have Sky or Cable.

Unfortunately, all that is about to change. Up On The Roof and other morning show Diggin' It have both been axed from the TV schedule!

Our source states that: "Despite the loss of Disney-produced wraparound show Diggin' It, the renewal will still ensure that Disney toons fill much of GMTV's weekend kids slots, and covers some 300 new half-hours of series like Lilo & Stitch, House of Mouse, Recess, Kim Possible, Dave the Barbarian and Tarzan. A separate deal also covers rights to Power Rangers: Dino Thunder and Spider-Man from Jetix Europe (fka Fox Kids Europe), which Disney's sale arm Buena Vista represents. All titles will arrive in GMTV's Saturday and Sunday morning slots from early February 2005."

However, there was no news regarding how this will affect the screening of Pokemon, which sparks many questions. Will Pokemon be axed completely from GMTV or will Up On The Roof's replacement show it? Will Phil keep his place as PokéMole Champion? Will Manchester United beat Arsenal next week?

We'll keep you informed.

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